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Show Your Spirit With Irish-Theme Cheers!

If your school's mascot is the Irish, just like Notre Dame University, you'll want to make sure you play that up in your cheers. Below, you'll find plenty of Irish cheers your squad can use for almost any sport.

Five Fighting Irish Cheers for Football and More

The Irish have got you on the run,
And we're gonna show you how it's done.
We'll fight to score 'cause it's just plain fun,
And we won't ever stop until the game is won!

The Irish know how to fight!
We're gonna show you our might!
Victory is ours tonight! (Repeat two times.)

We are the Irish
The mighty, fighting Irish
And we don't know the meaning of defeat.
We are the Irish
The mighty, fighting Irish
We'll battle to the end and never retreat!

We are the Irish
And we're hear to say
We'll win this game now
'Cause we don't play!

Jump up, turn around
Pucker up and kiss the ground
The Irish just scored another touchdown!

Two Basketball Cheers

Here are a couple fresh cheers for B-ball.

A-tisket, a-tasket
We made another basket!
The Irish have got your team on the run
You don't even know it, but you're already done!

Dribble that ball across the floor,
The Irish are about to shoot and score!

Three Volleyball Cheers

Volleyball cheers are necessarily short because there aren't as many opportunities to cheer during a volleyball game. Try these cheers for your team.

Whooossh, you just got served!
We are the Irish, and we've got the nerve
To spike that volleyball, and up our score.
We're gonna win this, 'cause we rule the floor!

The Irish know how to ace!
We're gonna set the pace.

Pass, set, spike
That's what the Irish like! (Repeat as necessary.)

Two Softball and Baseball Cheers

If your squad doesn't officially attend softball and baseball games for your school, you can still inspire your team as a fan in the stands.To spur on your pitcher:

Give us another strike!
That's what the Irish like! (Repeat as necessary.)

Sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

We just love being Irish,
Don't you wish you were Irish too?
We love to make home runs and raise our score,
Our batters all know that we want to see more.
So it's root, root, root for the Irish,
If we don't win it's a shame.
'Cause it's one- two- three strikes you're out
And we win the game!

Three Luck of the Irish Cheers

Luck is a common theme for Irish chants and cheers. Here are a few to inspire your team and rouse the crowd.

Is your team's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

The luck of the Irish
Is oh so sweet,
That every one knows
We can't be beat!
So just try to win if you think you can,
And we'll fry you like bacon in the frying pan.
Ssssssizzle! (Hold the "S" for four counts before you add the "izzle")

Have you heard of the lucky charms man?
He says the Irish have this game in the can.
You can run, but you sure can't hide,
'Cause the luck of the Irish is on our side!

Lucky clover and a pot of gold,
The Irish can't lose, so we've been told.
We play to win, and we're oh so bold,
The luck of the Irish never grows old.

Liven Up the Game

A few Irish cheers spread amongst the rest of your cheers and chants can really liven things up. If you like these cheers, feel free to use them with your squad.

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