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The Laker Girls are a world famous cheerleading squad that dance for none other than the L.A. Lakers basketball team. They are a household name and some would even claim that they are more fun to watch than the Lakers themselves. Learn about former Laker cheerleaders, auditioning for the squad and what it's like about being one of the leading ladies of the Lakers!

To Be One of the Laker Girls

Getting a coveted spot on the Lakers' cheerleading squad is not an easy task. There are several requirements:

  • Girls must be 18 years old.
  • They recommend a minimum of eight years of dance training.
  • Girls have to bring a head shot, and rumor has it that you can be disqualified if you don't.
  • Girls have to bring dance shoes or sneakers with non-marking soles (and again, girls have been disqualified for not following the directions.)
  • Girls have to dress in a leotard or crop top and shorts.


Girls trying out for the dance team have to go through several rounds of auditions. The auditions are closed, but video taped so that fans can watch them later. Presumably, they also video tape them to have a means of identifying and remembering the almost 450 applicants!Girls who have been on the squad don't automatically get in for a second year. They don't have to do the first round, but they do have to compete along with the rest of the girls after the first round is over.

Auditions include a resume, interview, individual dance, small group dance and, in the beginning, a large group dance. The process is grueling and takes quite awhile.

If you're interested in auditioning, check the girls' official website for time and location information.

The Girls in Action

As you can see, these dancers show a lot of versatility in their routines:

Famous Former Laker Girls

One of the reasons that the Lakers' dance squad is a household name is because of some of their more famous fellow dancers. The likes of Paula Abdul, Tina Landon, Emily Harper and Moon Bloodgood all once donned those purple and gold uniforms and danced as Laker Girls. Where are they now?

Paula Abdul

Paula was a Lakers Girl in the early '80s, and then went on to choreograph, dance and sing her way into stardom. She currently appears on American Idol as a judge.

Tina Landon

While you might not know the face of Tina Landon, if you have ever watched a music video, you have likely seen her work. Tina was a Laker girl along with Paula Abdul. After the Lakers, she became one of the most sought after choreographers in the music industry working with Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin and others.

Emily Harper

Emily Harper plays Fancy Crane on the soap opera Passions. She has a bachelor's degree in dance but after her Laker Girl days, she made her career as an actress appearing in numerous movies and on television.

Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood is best known for her role in the movie Eight Below and as Rita Shelton in Daybreak. Since her Laker Girl days, she has appeared in numerous movies including Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and is slated to appear in many more.

Benefits of Being on the Squad

Of course, not all Laker Girls go on to be famous. However, there are still many benefits to being a Laker Girl. Many girls go on to get a jump start in modeling or acting. Other girls use the money they earn from being a Laker Girl to put themselves through school. By being on the dance squad, you can gain dance and performance experience, confidence and who knows? It could jump start your career!

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