Letterman Jackets for School Mascot

Letterman Jackets for School Mascot

There are a lot of options when it comes to school letterman jackets for school mascot cheerleaders. School mascots are usually considered part of the "spirit department" and are an important part of the school's identity.

The School Mascot: The Face of the School

A letterman jacket is a particular kind of recognition symbol in high schools. Originally designed to recognize star athletes in football or basketball, many schools also give letter jackets to students in performing arts like band or cheerleading. The mascot falls into this area as well.

There is an old saying about dancing that Ginger Rogers did "everything" Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. It's not really true, since leading and following in dance are separate skills - but the fact is, she was an exceptional follow, and a great dancer in her own right. The same can apply to school mascots - they do many routines that are as complex as the rest of the squad - often complimenting the moves or the words to the cheers. Some more ambitious school mascots are accomplished acrobats, and will add in flying and gymnastic skills. Imagine doing a round-off in a mascot costume - it's a fairly impressive feat.

When Should a Mascot Get a Letter?

The requirements for getting a letter jacket can be different for every sport, but they are usually pretty easily measured by either specific accomplishments within a season (such as scoring a certain number of points at meets, or attaining a level of recognition at competitions) or by qualifying for a "varsity" level team (which is why they are also known as "varsity jackets").

While you can't really measure a school mascot by the same parameters as athletes, musicians, or cheerleaders, that is mainly because they truly are in a class by themselves. "Length of service" could be a measure by which a mascot could earn a letterman jacket, denoted by chevrons sewn onto the sleeve, usually. You can also include various kinds of pins on the jacket as well, for things like:

  • Championship games they've cheered at (these are sometimes signified by patches)
  • Cheer competitions they've helped the squad with
  • The various sports they cheer for (football, basketball, wrestling, hockey)

Another way to set the mascot apart from the rest of the team is to give them a large mascot patch to wear on their letter jacket, which lets people know: this person is the embodiment of school spirit. In fact, you can let that spread, giving the mascot the authority to pass out small patches to other students who are showing exceptional spirit.

Buying Letterman Jackets for School Mascot Students

While school colors and mascot designs usually carry across different extracurricular activities, different letter jacket styles often denote different groups - for example, football players might have the leather sleeves and crew-style collar, whereas a cheerleading squad might have the sailor-style collar that extends down the back. Oftentimes letter sweaters are chosen instead, especially for music groups. Chevrons can show years in the sport, not to mention patches for state and other competitions. Whatever the customs, you probably already have a good idea of what elements would go into a jacket for the mascot.

The odds are your school already has a supplier, but online sources such as the jacketshop or Mt. Olympus Awards can produce custom jackets, and you can give the deserving mascot a treasured memory from their part in making your school experience a more fulfilling one. It is an opportunity to create a jacket that is specifically designed for the mascot, a unique kind of acknowledgement of their unique place in your school.

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Letterman Jackets for School Mascot