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Long Sleeve Cheerleading Tops

Lori Soard
Cheer uniforms come in many different styles.

When cold weather hits, it is time for the cheer squad to break out the long sleeve cheerleading tops. There are a number of options to take a cheerleading uniform from summer fabulous to winter ready.

Uniforms with Long Sleeves

Whether or not your squad uses long-sleeved cheer tops will depend upon whether you cheer outdoors or indoors and what time of year you cheer. Even if long sleeves are not used during actual cheering, your squad may want them for those times when there will be a long trek from the school bus to the gym where the team is playing or for other outdoor events.

Football Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders for the football team often have two different cheerleading uniforms. One uniform might be for warmer weather games and boast short sleeves and skirts. The other uniform would be for cooler weather games. Many squads that cheer at football games have cold weather uniforms that feature long sleeves and pants instead of short sleeves and skirts. Other squads use the same uniform that is used during warm weather, but add pants or leggings under the skirt to help keep legs warm during chilly nights and add a long-sleeved turtle neck under the uniform shell.

Basketball Cheerleaders

Since basketball games are almost always indoors, most cheer squads that cheer for basketball will have only one uniform and it typically has short sleeves. However, some squads do quite a few dances and other special halftime shows. These squads might have outfits that look more like dancing outfits and feature long sleeves and jazz pants.

Competition Cheerleading and Other Events

Competition cheerleading is mainly an indoor sport. The exception is national cheer competitions that are held in warm weather locations, such as Florida. Because of this, most competition cheer outfits are short-sleeved. There are a few exceptions, but this is a general rule of thumb.

Other events that might require long sleeve cheerleading tops would be if a squad participates in small county fairs, state fairs and parades for local communities. Because the weather can sometimes be quite cold for these events, long sleeves are a must.

Long Sleeve Cheerleading Tops Under Uniform

If the squad is only out in bad weather occasionally, then it might not make sense to buy an entire uniform with long sleeves. Long sleeved tee shirts can be purchased in just about any color and worn under a cheer uniform for around $10. This is an inexpensive way to extend the usefulness of a uniform.

Some squads purchase these long sleeve shirts and add details to make them seem more a part of the team uniform. The name of the school mascot stenciled down the sleeve or other appliqués can create a unique and custom look. For example, if your mascot is the hornets, you might have several small hornet appliqués flying down your right sleeve and the name of your school down the left sleeve.

Jackets and Hoodies

Another option for occasional warmth or added layers is jackets and hoodies. Jackets and hoodies can be purchased inexpensively and custom details added to make the jacket look like it is part of the uniform. Class year and team name as well as individual squad member names can be embroidered directly onto the jacket.

Where to Buy

There are many options when looking to purchase a long sleeve top for a cheer uniform.


There are many different companies that offer both cheerleading uniforms with long sleeves and long sleeve tee shirts.You may already have a uniform supplier that you work with. Some additional options include:

  • offers a uniform design tool. Choose the style and length of the sleeves as well as colors. If ordering for an entire squad, this site offers some package plans that can help save money.
  • OmniCheer has a nice selection of cheer uniforms for great prices. Entire sets run as low as $35.00 each. Individual pieces, such as a skirt or top, are even more reasonable.
  • Cheer Zone also has reasonable prices. Customize the uniform to suit your squad and personal sense of style. This site also offers warm up outfits and accessories.

Whether the squad chooses to go with a uniform top with long-sleeves or adapt an existing short-sleeved uniform, there are many options available. Simple changes, such as embroidery and appliqués can make the tops unique and provide many hours of warmth while cheering.

Long Sleeve Cheerleading Tops