Male Cheerleader Uniforms

Male cheerleading uniforms are similar to female uniforms.

Most schools purchase male cheerleader uniforms at the same place where they purchase uniforms for the female members of the squad. There are a slew of options, but purchasing them all together ensures that details like logos, colors, and any patches that the squad might want all match perfectly. It might seem like red is just simply red until you order your men's cheerleading uniforms from a different place than your girls' uniforms and discover that the reds are indeed a different shade.

What to Order

Not surprisingly, there is quite a bit of variation amongst male cheerleader uniform styles. What you order should depend on the budget for cheerleading in your school, what has been done traditionally, and the style of uniform with which your male cheerleaders are comfortable.


Not all male cheerleaders are going to wear long pants. Shorts are appropriate for schools in warmer climates or for indoor games. Pants or shorts should match the color of the female cheerleaders' shells. Pants or shorts should be made of the same material as the girls' shells and skirts, which is usually a polyester cotton blend.

Polo Shirts

It is common for male cheerleaders to where polo shirts, either underneath a sweater during the winter or as their main uniform shirt. This is a great option if the squad has limited funds, since cotton polo shirts tend to be cheaper. Also, if male cheerleaders are a new thing at your school, polo shirts may help your new squad members feel more comfortable in their roles as spirit leaders.

Short Sleeved Shirts

Short sleeved shirts are the equivalent of female squad members' shells. Shirts are generally made of the same material as the pants. Often, these short sleeved shirts will match the girls' shells in color and pattern.


Sweaters are completely optional. The trend to have male cheerleaders wear sweaters is generally dependent on geographical location. If you have to cheer outside for a fall football game and it is typically cold in your region, you should expect the men on your squad to have sweaters.


Although shoes for male cheerleaders will still look like the shoes of their female counterparts, male cheerleader shoes actually tend to offer more support. This support is required, since the men always perform the base stunts in a group. Also, female cheerleading shoes have a toe grip, but male cheerleaders never "fly," making a toe grip unnecessary.

Resources for Male Cheerleader Uniforms

It's sometimes harder than it looks to find a source that offers both male and female cheerleading uniforms. However, the following companies offer great uniform options for male cheerleaders.

  • The Cheerleading Company is a great source for men's cheerleading uniforms. What is especially nice about this company is not only their fantastic selection, but also their customization options. You can get a custom look online, making it easy to coordinate your men and women.
  • Head to Toe Cheer offers a huge selection of uniforms for the male and female members of your squad.
  • Cheer Etc. offers a full line of male cheerleader uniforms, but selection is limited . Cheer Etc. is a great option for the school on a budget.
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