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Most NFL teams also have NFL cheerleading and dancing squads. It is a major public relations part of each franchise, giving the team more media exposure, more airtime, more fans and more of a presence within their communities. NFL cheerleading has gone from something to simply entertain the crowds to something that has major media advantages for the team.

NFL Cheerleading at Its Best

NFL cheerleaders spend a lot of time in community service. All NFL cheerleaders are considered "part time employees" and all must have other jobs. (Some of those jobs include being a full time mom or a student.) However, the NFL cheerleaders have been involved in numerous charity and community service organizations in the area of the team for which they cheer. Some of their community outreach includes:

  • Hosting and running cheerleading clinics is just one service the cheerleaders provide. In fact, several teams have their own junior squad.
  • Many squads travel overseas to entertain troops.
  • Some squad support literacy programs.
  • Many squads support Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Other activities include mentoring at risk youth.
  • Hosting annual events like blood bank drives or charity fundraising galas are also part of the job.
  • The cheerleaders also attend other charitable events in which the team takes part.

In fact, it's safe to say that for many of the women that participate in NFL cheerleading, the chance to perform community outreach and service was a major draw.

NFL Cheerleading Launches Careers

Most people assume that NFL cheerleaders get paid. The pay varies from a whopping $50 per game to a flat rate of $0. However, cheerleaders do get some perks that should not be ignored. While perks vary from squad to squad, many cheerleaders enjoy the services of fitness gyms, spas, traveling and other freebies. However, perhaps the biggest perk of all is having the career launching power of being an NFL cheerleader on your resume.

All of the NFL cheerleaders receive a major amount of exposure by doing public appearances and, of course, their swimsuit calendars. Many of the girls make extra money on the side by modeling or acting. If you want to break into modeling, NFL cheerleading is not a bad route to take!

Well Known Ex-NFL Cheerleaders

There are a variety of ladies on this list, and you'll note that many are actresses.

  • Angela King-Twitero: Designer (Eight NFL cheerleading squads wear her designs), founder of Pro Bowl cheerleaders and coach for the Gold Rush
  • Anjelah Johnson: Stand up comedian who cheered for the Oakland Raiderettes
  • Bonnie Jill Laflin: Actress/Model who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • Charisma Carpenter: Actress who cheered for the San Diego chargers
  • Jennilee Harrison: Actress who cheered for the Oakland Raiderettes and appeared on Three's Company
  • Jill Marie Jones: Actress who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • Kiana Tom: TV fitness instructor who cheered for the Oakland Raiderettes
  • Kristin Holt: T.V. personality who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • Michelle Parma: Actress who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • Monica Williams, MD: Cancer research fellow at Vanderbilt University who cheered for the Washington Redskins
  • Nadia Turner: American Idol Season Four contestant who cheered for the Miami Dolphins
  • Sarah Shahi: Actress who cheered for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • Stacy Keibler: Former WWE professional wrestler who cheered for the Baltimore Ravens and also competed on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Tatiana Anderson: Host of ESPN show who cheered for the Denver Broncos
  • Terry Hatcher: Actress who cheered for the San Francisco Gold Rush and appears in Desperate Housewives
  • Tina Gayle: Actress who cheered for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
  • Whitney Frink: Hollywood TV Producer who cheered for the Atlanta Falcons

Whether each girl chooses NFL cheerleading to launch her career or simply as an extra part time job, one thing is for certain. All these girls have a desire to serve their community, a love of performing and a love of their team. While the girls are poorly paid, or not paid at all, the exposure alone is quite substantial, and in some cases actually launches the girls' careers. If you want to read more about NFL cheerleading, make sure to check out:

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