Nasty Cheerleaders

Don't be a nasty cheerleader.

Perhaps you've heard of the Fab 5, or of other nasty cheerleaders running amok. Do these stories really happen? Unfortunately, they do. These nasty cheerleaders misbehave and are allowed to do so because of their popularity, their parents' positions within the school or for some other equally unacceptible reason. However, don't be deceived; this is no way to behave.

A Cheerleaders' Job

A cheerleaders' job is to represent his or her organization in the best possible light. Professional cheerleaders take this job very seriously and have contracts that legally oblige them to behave (not that that always makes a difference). Some high schools implement a contract of sorts for their cheerleaders as well stipulating grounds for dismissal from the squad. Unfortunately, many coaches and school staff alike are willing to overlook nasty cheerleaders' behavior - particularly if the squad is adept at winning competitions that help bolster the school's funding and notoriety.

Nasty Cheerleader Scandals

There are many, many nasty cheerleader scandals, both on the high school and professional level. These cheerleaders do nothing to bolster their organization's team spirit or reputation.

The Fab 5

The Texas Cheerleader Scandal is perhaps one of the best known examples of nasty cheerleaders. Five girls running amok caused great scandal by taking their photo in front of a Condoms to Go store while holding candles shaped like male genitalia. One girl appeared to simulate an adult act. As pictures surfaced on, the truth of these naughty girls' behavior also became known. Their coach said they were out of control and since one of the girls' mother was the school principal, their behavior was overlooked. The principal claimed ignorance (at least at first) and Lifetime Channel deemed it worthy enough to air a movie about the entire situation.

Courtney Simpson at ASU

Courtney Simpson, who grew up in a devout Mormon household, decided to sew her oats while at ASU and starred in 250 adult films. That in and of itself was probably bad enough, but she did it while wearing her ASU uniform. In one movie in particular, she wore her uniform throughout the movie, and was at one point photographed on the cover with her ASU uniform on. ASU threatened to sue the film's production company, and so the uniform on the cover was eventually changed. ASU has since been quite particular about a code of conduct for cheerleaders and subsequently got rid of a cheerleading squad in which two of its members had posed in their undies at a "cheer party".

University of Louisville Cheerleader Becca Manns

Becca Manns had pictures of herself taken while simulating (or actually performing) sexual acts. University of Louisville kicked her out entirely (as opposed to just kicking her off the squad), and at the time of this writing she is still fighting to get back into school.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas caused a bar fight to break out when they were occupying the bathroom for far too long. Witnesses say they were behaving inappropriately for a public place, and the Carolina Panthers organization promptly threw them off the team for lewd and illegal behavior.

What Nasty Cheerleaders Have In Common

There's a cautionary tale here to be heard and heeded. There are several consistencies that each of these stories have in common.

Lack of Respect for Authority

Nasty cheerleaders do not respect authority. Understand that when you sign on to be a cheerleader, you are not just signing on to cheer in front of the school. You are a representative of that school. If you'd rather not be a representative of the school, perhaps you'd better pass up try outs. Respecting authority means that as a cheerleader, you understand that when you agree to a certain code of conduct, you intend to keep it.

Lack of Respect for Self

Cheerleaders must be confident. Confident girls do not need to put themselves in compromising positions to garner attention. Nor do they need to brag about photos taken while they are in compromising positions. While some of these nasty cheerleaders claim that the photos were put out by someone else to be vindictive, the reality is that a confident cheerleader wouldn't have let those photos be taken in the first place.

Lack of Respect for the Team and Others

The bottom line is that nasty cheerleaders' behavior has consequences not just for themselves, but for the entire team. Whatever you do, whether positive or negative, it does affect the entire team as well as your school.

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