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Coming up with new softball cheers can be a real challenge especially if your squad is new to cheering for this sport. Even if your squad is used to cheering for softball, coming up with new cheers to mix in with the old tried and true favorites can really be a challenge.

Tips for Creating New Softball Cheers

One way to create new softball cheers is based on each position in the field:

  • Outfielders
  • Batters
  • Pitchers
  • Basemen

Consider the role of each position, and make up a cheer or two for it. Another way to look at creating new cheers is to make up cheers or chants for each play. For example:

  • Yell "Safe" every time there is a scoring run.
  • Do the wave for a foul ball (when the other team is hitting.)
  • Sing something like "Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, Good-bye" when a player from the opposing team is struck out.

Other notable plays where you'll want to make a point to cheer or do something with the fans include:

  • A pop fly
  • A home run hit, especially if the bases are loaded
  • When the other team hits a foul ball
  • When a runner gets a base, especially if it's a close call

New Cheers for Softball

Check out these new cheers and crowd activities that you can use at your next softball game!

Scoring Runs

Whether it's a home run or just a scoring run, gaining points always deserves to be celebrated!

I'll say it again

Or, when bases are loaded:

Bases are loaded
I said bases are loaded
Better watch out
'Cuz the bases are loaded
How much will we score?
1, 2, 3, 4!

Calling a Play

Whenever there is a call to make about whether or not a runner is safe, you can always cheer out your opinion (which is always that the runner is safe of course!) Who knows? Maybe your enthusiasm will change the ump's mind?Call out this cheer while stomping as you say each letter:

Don't you see?
He's/She's S-A-F-E
(Keep chanting until there is a decision called.)

Or try:

Slidin' into the base.
We say he's safe.
Slidin' into home.
Score one for the team!

For the Batter

Cheer on your favorite batters for a sure fire home run hit.

It doesn't matter
how you throw it at her
Or fast
She's a super batter
Go (player's name or number)!

Or try:

Outer space,
Doesn't matter
'Cuz that ball's not goin' to you!
Hey batter, batter SWING!

How about:

Hey what's that sound?
It's the pitcher trembling
On the mound
Watch the ball fly
Right on by
Hit it (player's name)

For a home run hit or a hit that's far into the outfield:

Where's the ball?
Where's the ball?
Way up high
Up in the sky
But look out now
'Cuz (player's name) is sly

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