Pep Rally Skits

 Cheerleaders performing a skit

Pep rally skits have a way of livening up any rally. Cheerleaders can use these skits to communicate a message or simply get a good laugh. Your squad can even sponsor a "funniest skit competition" between the classes to help foster some good fun.

Humorous Skit Ideas

Looking for some ideas for skits? Here are a few that are sure to get people laughing!

The Spartan Cheerleaders

The Spartan cheerleaders were a well known Saturday Night Live skit. This pair originally didn't make the official squad so they made up their own "squad" and cheered at unusual places like the chess tournament. You can try putting together a version of the duo's antics to entertain the crowd.

Highlights of the Season

Is there a moment that was particularly notable this season? A "Highlights of the Season" skit could honor excellent athletes at the school and even make light of some of the more embarrassing moments of the school's recent sports history.

The Rival Squad

Before the rival squad gets to your school for the big home game, it's okay to have just a little fun at their expense! You can stage a mock showing of their team getting ready for the big game. Have the football players pretend to be the rivals preparing by doing ballet. . .or anything else silly that you can think of.

Faculty Roast

While it's in poor taste to roast someone without their advance permission, chances are high that some faculty members would be willing to roast themselves in good fun. If you're stuck for ideas, consider a skit that features the various coaches over exaggerating their sports in the classroom.

Powder Puff Skits

Do a twist on the traditional powder puff homecoming game, or use the skit as a way to advertise for a powder puff game. Guys are dressed as cheerleaders, and the cheerleaders are dressed as football players. Skits can include some clean "trash talking" on the field or a cheer or two from the football players. Imagine a big football player doing the herkie!

The Bad Fan

Many schools, particularly at the beginning of the year, like to give students guidelines for how to behave at games. This actually makes a great skit featuring one cheerleader or student who is the victim of several various 'bad fans.' These can be fans that are obnoxiously rude, fans that bring props that prohibit someone else's view, or any other issue that the staff might want to address. By pointing out common faux pas in a fun way, you can promote a positive atmosphere at the games.

Serious Skit Ideas

Pep rallies aren't always about fun and games. As cheerleaders, you and your squad carry leadership responsibilities in the school. If there is a serious issue to be addressed, a skit can provide a good way to address it. You never want to make light of a serious issue. However, you can use skits to tactfully point out a serious message to the school body. Here are a couple of ideas.


Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) can make a powerful impact on other students. Consider a SADD-sponsored skit that includes vignettes of discussing a crash or some of the other serious consequences of drunk driving. Use the skit as a means to discuss students' plans for after the big game.

Narrating Scenes

You and your squad can set up various scenes pertaining to any issue: suicide, drugs and alcohol, depression or any number of things. The actors in the skit have brief lines, but the narrator, off stage, sets the tone with a pre-written description of what is going on. One advantage to this is that a pre-written script can be read beforehand by a school administrator or faculty member who may have ideas on presenting the topic at hand.

Skit Tips

When your squad is creating a skit, you have to plan well in order to pull it off. You need to be heard, and this generally requires the use of a microphone. Follow these tips for presenting some great skits.

1. Leave Impromptu to the Professionals

If the squad is sponsoring a pep rally that includes skits but is not performing them, make sure that someone approves the proposed skit first. It's important that skits are appropriate for the situation and will not offend anyone. Good jokes are only good if everyone thinks they are funny.

2. Serious Skits Should Stay Serious

If you are thinking about using a serious skit to demonstrate or communicate a message, don't try to add levity. It will detract from the message and could potentially become offensive by taking a serious topic and making light of it.

3. Keep the Skit Tasteful

It's important to make sure that all skits are done are in good taste. That not only means steering clear of jokes that are crude, but also resisting the urge to make fun of people. (Sometimes people are willing to be the butt of their own jokes, and that can be great fun as long as they're in on the jokes.)

Cheer Leaders

In all areas of a pep rally, the cheerleading squad really is the leading force behind what is going on. Since cheerleaders are always front and center, it's important that your squad remains mindful of their leadership responsibilities whether the skits you use are for fun or for serious purposes.

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