Pictures of Cheer Stunts

Pictures of Cheer Stunts

When you are first learning how to do a stunt, finding good pictures of cheer stunts, that are properly done, is always helpful. Whether you are a high school cheerleader or on an elite competition squad, pictures help you perfect your stunting skills.


This version of a cradle involves the flyer being tossed. She will flip herself into the cradle position before she is caught by her bases.

Show 'n Go

This type of stunt is called a "Show 'n Go" in some regions. The flyer is tossed into the air and does a quick "show" or pose before being caught again by the bases. In this case, she is doing a toe touch.

Swedish Falls

There are not many stunts that are more difficult than Swedish Falls. Note how many bases and spotters it takes just to get two people up in the air. The flyers in this case will swing or "fall" back into the bases. This is definitely an advanced stunt.

Inside Hitch

The inside hitch is an intermediate stunt. The legs of two outside flyers are supported by a third flyer in the middle. This pyramid is two high, but notice how there is a third flyer in an extension position in the back of the hitch to give the pyramid a more layered look.


Creative transitions like this one go a long way towards making your pyramid stunts look complicated.

Partner Stunting

Before you begin working on more advanced stunts, begin working on your partner stunting skills.

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Pictures of Cheer Stunts