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Since one of the jobs of a professional cheerleader is to promote the squad and the team in a positive light, a pro cheer blog can help fill the gap and give the squad an online presence.

Using a Pro Cheer Blog for Promotion

With millions and millions joining cyberspace every year, online promotions of cheer squads are vitally important. Blogs can range from professionally developed software through the team website to individual My Space blogs by various cheerleaders from a squad.

Pro cheer blogs are also useful for staying up to date on:

  • The latest cheerleading stats
  • Newest cheerleaders to join the squad
  • Philanthropic endeavors of the squad
  • When their next swimsuit calendar will be released
  • Workouts and even tryout schedules
  • Sharing pictures of the squad

Here are some resources to help your professional cheer squad gain additional exposure. Be sure to check with the director to find out rules about having a personal or team blog.

  • MySpace: This online social community provides a good resource for new fans and a way to stay connected with current fans. New friends can be added to your list and choose to receive updates when you post to your blog or update your MySpace page. You can even add music or a video of your squad's latest routines. MySpace offers a photo gallery where cheerleaders can post pictures that can attract even more new fans.
  • WordPress: Most typically used with a website and unique domain name, WordPress is easy to use and update. You can post the latest stats, information and tips on becoming a professional cheerleader, or just spend some time chatting about your interests and getting to know fans. WordPress also offers additional plugins to prevent spam or collect the email addresses of fans (with their permission of course).
  • This is probably the easiest blog to set up and update. offers free blogs, the ability for users to comment, links to other blogs and even Google ads for some revenue making potential (if your contract allows). Link to your personal website or use as a stand alone site.

Already Established Cheerleader Blogs

For those who are pro cheerleading fans, there are many blogs already established for professional cheerleaders, and they cover the many different pro cheerleading teams available today. Visit sites such as:

  • Alumni Cheerleaders: This site offers a way to connect with old cheerleading squad members, friends, girlfriends and fellow alumni. It also offers a blog section, photographs, online store, dance links and a list of events and reunions.
  • Ultimate This frequently updated blog offers pictures snapped of candid shots of cheerleaders cheering professionally all over the United States.

Team Specific Blogs

Looking for a specific cheerleading squad's blog? There are dozens upon dozens out there, from pro football cheerleaders to pro basketball cheerleaders. Here are just a few of the most popular:

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