School Cheers

Ideas for School Cheers

Most school cheers are built around the school's name, mascot or colors. Here are some fresh cheers you can use as they are, or you can change the words to fit your school.

Polar Bear Yell

Hey Polar Bear fans, what do you say?
Is our team gonna win today?

Crowd: Heck Ya!
Cheerleaders: Say what?
Crowd: Heck Ya!
Cheerleaders: Said enough!

Hey Polar Bears fans, what do you see?
Looks like our team is almost home free.

Cheerleaders: Can you see it?
Crowd: We can see it!
Cheerleader: Can you feel it?
Crowd: We can feel it!

Cougar Growl

We are the Cougars,
Strong and proud.
And when we get together
We like to growl real loud.

Say Grrrrr!
Say Grrrrr!

Blue Devils

Who's that team on the field?
Blue Devils, that's who, Blue Devils!

Who's that team that just scored?
Blue Devils, that's who, Blue Devils!

Who's the team that's gonna win the game?
Blue Devils, that's who, Blue Devils!

Trojan Cheer

Cheerleaders: Trojans release yourselves.
Crowd: We're gonna release ourselves.
Cheerleaders: And let the feeling flow.
Crowd: And let the feeling flow.
Cheerleaders: From the top of your heads.
Crowd: From the top of our heads.
Cheerleaders: To the tips of your toes.
Crowd: To the tips of our toes.

Cheerleaders: Top of head, tips of toes
Let that winning feeling flow.
Crowd: Top of head, tip of toes
Let that winning feeling flow!

Tiger Call

I'm a tiger, you're a tiger
We are tigers all,
And when we get together,
We do the tiger call.

Rawr, rawr, rawr-rawr!
Rawr, rawr, rawrrr!

Color Cheers

Blue and gold,
We're so bold.
And winning games
Never gets old.

Red and white,
Come on, let's fight.
We're gonna win
This game tonight.

Yellow and black
Don't take no flack.
We're gonna win this game
And that's a fact!

Learn More Cheers

Hopefully these school cheers have filled you with inspiration. If you'd like to learn more cheers, visit Free Cheerleading Cheers.

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