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Cheerleaders and mascot

A quality school mascot costume invites students, teachers, families, and alumni to show off school spirit at games and events. On the other hand, a bad mascot costume invites jokes and can even be creepy. Send the right message to your fans with a great mascot they can't help but love.

Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes, based out of Ukraine, runs its online company under the motto of providing "tailored joy." Prices range from around $400 to $1,500 depending on the style and custom options. Their detailed measurements page offers step-by-step directions for each of the 15 measurements customers need to take for a perfect fit. With free shipping on all orders, the company guarantees worldwide delivery within two weeks. All products are made with allergen-free materials for optimum comfort and wearability. While the company does sell head-only costume pieces, all styles are currently out of stock. Check out their blog for tips on picking costumes or to learn how costumes are made.

Full Costumes

Head-to-toe ready-made costumes come in a variety of animals and characters from categories like:

  • Animal - Includes classic animals like tigers and dogs, or fantasy animals like dragons. The American Eagle Costume is a brown and white bald eagle made from faux fur and cotton. This one-size-fits-all option costs about $500 as is, or you can change the color and add a logo with customization. For custom pricing, you'll have to contact the company as cost depends on the options you choose.
  • Bird and Sea Life - You'll find common creatures like a shark and penguin along with rare creature costumes, such as a starfish or crab.
  • Cartoon and Movie - Based on popular movie or television characters, this category also includes generic characters like cats and dogs.
  • Holiday - If you've got an obscure mascot, this category might work for you as it features things like a banana, pumpkin, and reindeer.
  • Character -This category includes unique costumes including a tooth, food items, and a sneaker.
  • Other - Includes human characters such as a Cowboy or Sportsman. The Sportsman Mascot Costume features a man's head with loose, skin-colored fabric for the arms and legs. The character wears a white t-shirt and white shorts with white socks and red shoes. This one-size-fits-all polyester costume costs about $500. A person wearing the costume sees out the mouth of the mascot head.

Custom Orders

Custom orders follow a few simple steps. Send your idea with measurements to Mascot Costumes. Then, they contact you to figure out details and you pay in full. Your costume is produced, and you approve pictures of the final product before it gets sent to you.

Shop Mascot

Based out of San Francisco, California, Shop Mascot brags they never say "no" to customers and promise to use safe, quality products in their handmade costumes at affordable prices. Standard delivery includes free shipping, and all orders come with a one-year guarantee. Any product returned intact within three days of receipt is eligible for a full refund minus shipping costs. In order to purchase a costume, you'll need to create an account on the website and be prepared to pay through PayPal or a valid credit card. Each order is custom made once payment is received with no additional costs for customization options like changes in colors or adding a logo. However, customized pieces can't be returned.

Full Costumes

Head-to-toe costumes are separated into seven basic categories. Prices range from $30 to $1,000 with most costumes falling in the $200 to $600 range.

  • Bulldog mascot costume
    Animal - You'll find classics like a horse, dog, and tiger along with unique critters such as a kangaroo or bumble bee. For under $300, you can get the kangaroo costume featuring a head, body, shoes, and hand cover pieces in a tan color. Children's size small and large are available in addition to adult sizes XS to 3XL. Choose a unique color for your kangaroo mascot for an additional $16.
  • Cartoon - These costumes include characters from movies, television, books, and other media sources.
  • Halloween - This category features novelty characters, such as a Christmas tree and water droplet.
  • Ocean Series - All things sea creature fall in the category including traditional sharks and penguins.
  • People - Plush humanoid characters take over this category featuring a variety of Trojan warriors, chefs, cowgirls, and other professions.
  • School - Featuring animated sports balls and uniform-clad creatures, this category is stocked with school favorites.
  • Carry Me - For a unique, lower cost mascot option, check out these costumes built to look like a person is riding an animal or getting a piggy-back ride. For example, the England costume version features a male character wearing a kilt and is worn around the performer's waist to make it look like he is carrying you on his shoulders. For around $80, the costume pant fits waists up to 42 inches and is elastic with a belt for easy fit adjustments.


Minnesota based Anderson's is a versatile retailer intent on meeting all your school spirit needs including prom decorations, school awards, and mascot costumes. Their price match option means they'll match any price you find on the same product, plus they'll give you 10 percent of the difference between their original price and the lower one you find. With nearly 200 mascot costumes to choose from, you'll find great prices ranging from $200 to $950 in only standard school mascot styles. If you're looking for affordable, ready-made costumes and a quick, easy shopping experience, Anderson's is the place for you.

Full Costumes

Anderson's sells only full mascot costumes, not head pieces or other novelty styles. Costumes separate into these categories:

  • cougar mascot
    Cats - Find everything from lions to panthers with over 40 feline options. A standard jaguar costume costs under $850 and fits people up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. Expect to wait about two weeks for the costume.
  • Other Animals - This is where you'll find more obscure mascots, like a dragon or seal along with other sea creatures.
  • Humans - If you're after a human character, Anderson's has common styles like an Indian and more unique styles like a devil.
  • Canines - This category includes every kind of dog from chihuahua to wolf. You can buy a cute brown and white Bulldog Mascot Costume which contains a battery-powered fan inside the headpiece to keep the performer warm.
  • Birds - Cardinals, eagles, and owls dominate this style category.
  • Bears - Find standard brown or white bears and more unique styles like koalas and pandas.
  • Insects - This category is all about the bees from friendly to angry.

Custom Costumes

Call the company to get a free quote on a custom costume, which typically costs between $1,800 and $3,000. A customer service representative will talk you through the process including options for additional items like replacement feet, lining, padding, and custom accessories. Shipping costs range from $50 to $100 depending on the price of your order and costumes are not eligible for refunds.

Hogtown Mascots

Hogtown Mascots is the professional source for custom-made mascots as the Toronto, Ontario company is headed up by two owners with extensive costume backgrounds including work for television shows. The company also offers mascot cleaning and a Remascot program where you can turn in your old costume made by them, and they'll recycle some of the materials which affords you a discount on the new costume. The average price for one of their custom costumes runs from $4,000 to $5,000, but they can cost up to $10,000 depending on specific design elements. Shipping costs range from $50-$500 depending on your specific costume and location throughout the world. While you'll pay more upfront for these costumes, you'll get a completely unique mascot built to last for years.

Custom Costumes

Since the company exclusively makes custom orders, you won't find any stock costumes on their website. The process is simple and works for those with no idea what mascot they want and those with a defined idea. Start by filling out the simple online form to describe your idea and needs. If you have a rough sketch, there's an option to attach it. The company will get back to you with a professional sketch and a price quote. You approve the sketch then follow along through the creation project before approving the final costume. The entire process takes about six weeks to complete.

Costume Shopping Tips

Each retailer and costume is unique, so it's best to understand both before making a purchase. Mascot Insider offers tips and advice for first-time buyers, which includes an emphasis on finding quality, durable materials so your costume will last over the course of years. A school mascot is an icon in your community and investing in a great costume fans will grow attached to is key. When you start shopping, make sure the costume you choose is:

  • Constructed legally; some licensed characters can't be used without permission
  • Made from quality materials that are easy to wash
  • Comfortable for the person wearing the costume, which includes ease of removal, padding, linings, visibility, and options to keep the person warm/cool
  • Flexible so the person inside can move well to pose for photos or participate in cheers and dance routines
  • Customizable either on your own by adding a larger size school t-shirt or by the company

Costume Size

On their blog, Hogtown Mascots offers suggestions on every topic from naming your mascot to design considerations. They suggest the most important thing to consider with sizing is who will typically wear the costume. Will it be a student, a teacher, or a parent volunteer? Once you know the general age and size of potential performers, look for a costume size that won't be too big or too small for the average teen for example. Retailers use different size categories and measurements so it's important to find a size guide or explanation of measurements on their website before you buy.

In addition to costume fit, size considerations include things like where the facial features sit on the mascot head piece. School mascot performers won't have a lot of mascot experience, so choose costumes with extra features built in to increase visibility like wider openings where the person looks out the head piece. When possible, purchase additional pieces like a head or feet so you have size options for smaller and bigger people.

Showcase School Spirit

A school mascot serves as the ultimate symbol of pride for your school and all its clubs and teams. Take the time to consider ways to make your mascot unique or stand out to showcase the highest level of school spirit.

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