Blonde Cheerleaders

Truth About Blonde Cheerleaders

The stereotypical image of the blonde cheerleader who is ditzy or not that intelligent just doesn't hold any merit - and it truthfully never did.

Today's cheerleaders are athletes generally with several years of gymnastics, and stunt training.

Academics Count

Cheerleaders in high school and college have to maintain eligibility in order to participate in extra curricular activities. Eligibility requirements depend on the particular school. However, surveys have suggested that 95% of cheerleaders have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Cheerleading Builds Confidence

While the cliche suggests that blonde cheerleaders have more fun, research suggests that those who start cheerleading young build confidence, self-esteem and do better in public speaking. Many people who were cheerleaders in high school go on to high profile careers, and they were definitely not all blondes!

Are Blondes More Popular?

Interestingly, while the stereotype suggests that blondes are more popular, most professional cheerleading organizations try to have a mix of looks on their squads. Consider the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders who say that they are looking for the "All American" look, and they are clear to note that look includes all backgrounds and hair colors.

Cheerleading Builds Careers

While you cannot assume that just because you make the squad your career is also made, you can take comfort in knowing that many cheerleaders go on to high profile careers. Just take a look at this powerful list, and then note how many are NOT blonde:

  • Sally Field
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Halle Berry
  • Michael and Kirk Douglas
  • Katie Couric

Cheerleading Pays for School

Often times, professional cheerleaders help pay for college either by the money they earn from being professional cheerleaders or by using the exposure they get to earn money through modeling and promotions. Many women go on to be doctors, lawyers or other equally challenging careers. Blonde or not, these women are definitely smart ladies!

Number One Fan

Regardless of hair color, all cheerleaders play a valuable part in their squad and in their school or organization. From promoting school spirit toperforming routines; the job of a cheerleader can be never ending. After all, cheerleaders are their team's number one fans!

It Takes All Types

A successful cheer squad takes all types to play their roles well. The stereotype of a blonde cheerleader has become atypical with girls from all backgrounds working hard towards one common goal. That's a real cheerleader.

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Blonde Cheerleaders