Pictures of Cheerleader Poses and Moves

Fun Times in Cheerleading Pictures

Taking cheerleading pictures can really help you capture a moment in time. Plenty of memorable events happen on the sidelines while your squad is enthusiastically cheering for your team. Other times, that special moment comes during practice, like when your squad finally hits that tough stunt perfectly. Whenever it happens, that moment is here and gone in a flash unless you capture it on film or your phone.

Pyramid Formation

Practicing the pyramid is a great way to bond and work on your communication skills as a team. The pyramid is a classic cheerleading stunt that shows others that your team is organized and strong. Although it may take some time to perfect, nailing the perfect pyramid is worth it.

Standing in Formation

Nothing screams cheer squad like standing in a crisp, perfect line. Capture this moment to show off how in sync all cheer squad members are.

Posing in Front of Your Squad

Posing in front of your team members doing stunts, a routine, or classic cheer moves is a cute way to show off your awesome squad. Don't forget to wear your uniform so you can show off your team spirit.

Picture Perfect Pose

Taking a picture before a big game creates a great photo opportunity because you'll be looking your best. Mirror your squad member's pose to create a clean photo that shows off how in tune you are with each other. This is a fun way to capture your friendship and your school spirit.

Posing With Your Squad

Organizing a cheer squad portrait is a great way to capture your team spirit. Posing in an organized way can be tricky to set up, but it creates a great picture capturing just how together the squad is. If your cheer team has a high number of members, you may want to consider setting up several rows on different levels to create visual interest and to ensure that all members will be seen.

High Kick

Hitting a high kick or heel stretch shows incredible flexibility and precision. This is tough move to master and takes some patience to get right.

Capturing Candids

Whether your squad competes or shows your school spirit, being a cheerleader means being an incredible athlete and having a great group of friends. Capturing special moments spent cheering together and competing is a great way to cherish these memories.

Lifting With Ease

Capturing an awesome stunt is a great way to show off just how talented your squad is. These action filled pictures can be taken during practice, a competition, or a big game.


If your squad or football team has won a championship or placed in a competition, there's no better way to capture the excitement felt during this amazing moment. Posing with the trophy and your squad makes for a perfect picture.

Supporting the Team

Football games often take place as it begins to get dark outside. Snapping a candid picture of your squad cheering on the football team at night will give the picture some awesome visual interest and intensity.

Spread Eagle Jump

The spread eagle jump looks amazing when done with other members of your squad and is definitely a moment worth capturing. Be mindful to keep your shoulders from shrugging as you do this jump.

Performing Your Routine

You and your squad have worked hard to perfect your routine. Ask someone to take some candids of you performing at a competition or game so you can look back on this incredible moment.

Capturing Special Moments

From candids to posed pictures, there are tons of fun ways to capture the amazing experiences you share with your squad. Put them on your locker, hang them at home, and add to a scrapbook to relive all the wonderful memories.

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Pictures of Cheerleader Poses and Moves