Cheers for Young Cheerleaders

Cheers for Young Cheerleaders

As cheerleading grows in popularity, more and more young cheerleaders are cropping up. Young squads need special cheers that represent who they are. Check out this collection of cheers!

Work that Megaphone!

Young girls might need a little help getting their voices heard! Use a megaphone, especially in cheers where you want the audience to participate as well.

Hey, hey crowd!
Let's say it loud
Let's say it proud
That the Tigers (substitute your team name)
Can't be beat!

Cheerleaders with Heart

A simple cheer like the following can include some tumbling on the last line:

We got spirit
We got heart
We've got winning down to an art
We don't wanna brag
We don't wanna show off
But our team is really top notch!

Do What You Do Well

Young cheerleaders are still developing skills in tumbling and cheering. However, everyone can keep a beat by clapping and stomping. If you need a cheer that looks impressive but is easy try this one that utilizes rhythms:

Go Red (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap, stomp)
Go black (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap, stomp)
Go Red (clap, clap)
Go black (stomp, stomp)
Go red! Go black! Go Tigers! (insert team name)

Girls Love Pom Pons!

Since the girls are young, giving them pom pons to work with can actually help your team look more uniform in their cheering!

Shake it to the left
Shake it to the right
Shake it up and shake it down
We're gonna beat you

Don't Underestimate Your Squad

Young girls that have been cheering for a few years really learn quickly. Don't make the mistake of assuming everything you do for them has to be simplistic.

Take the V to the I to the C
We play to not get beat
Take the T to the O to the R to the Y
Victory, Victory is our Cry!

Cute Cheers

While young cheerleaders are just trying to learn the ropes until they get to be bigger cheerleaders, they can still do their fair share of cute cheers. This always has an effect on the audience.

Hey y'all
Lookie here
We're the best team
This year
Hey y'all
Lookie there
We've got it goin' on

We're Number One

We're Number One
We can't be undone
We'll never be beat
You will have to go home in defeat
We're smart
We're fast
We never see last
We're Number One!

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