High School Basketball Cheers

High School Basketball Cheers


High school basketball cheers are high-energy expressions of team spirit and encouragement. This slideshow shares some exciting poses, uniforms and cheer ideas that you can use for your own squad.

Shows Your Squad's Style


Hello cheers are ways to introduce yourself to the crowd.

Say, hey, what do you say?
You know who's gonna win today!
We got the style, we got the moves,
That's why their team's gonna lose!
GO Panthers, GO!

Use the Floor to Cheer Louder


Floor cheers can use the basketball court itself like a drum.

Here we go! (pound floor 2x)
To the show! (pound floor 2x)
Take it all the way to the basket! (clap)
Y'know we're right! (pound floor 2x)
We're gonna fight! (pound floor 2x)
The other team's gonna need a casket! (Clap-pound-clap)

A Strong Cheer Says Win!


High school basketball cheers often have moves with specific meanings like this one, meaning "Win!"

Warriors go, go, go!
Warriors fight, fight, fight!
Get the ball, sink the shot!
Give it everything you've got!
Go, Fight, Win!

Use Poms to Add Excitement!


Adding pom-poms to a cheer is like having an exclamation point on the end of your hand for every gesture.

W-I-N today!
W-I-N today!
Show those Bulldogs how we play!
Win-Win-Win today!

A Simple Cheer Stunt


Impressing the fans with acrobatic stunts helps get them involved with your squad and cheering the team even more.

Take it to the rim,
Swish it right on in,
That's the way, uh huh,
We're gonna win!
(Make the sound of "swisshhhhhh" with a long hiss.)

Enthusiasm and Spirit


No matter the moves, no matter the words, the cheerleaders have one thing in common: strong spirit, supporting their team and encouraging the fans to cheer louder, stronger, and longer.

Two points, three points, take that shot!
Show those Spartans what we've got!
Steal it, pass it, move that ball!
We're gonna take it, take it ALL!

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High School Basketball Cheers