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Real cheerleaders exist in almost every town, city and school in America. It's the All-American sport, and it has exploded over the last decade. With growing popularity, All-Star teams, school pom pon squads and other types of squads are all representing their favorite sports teams.

The Littlest Cheerleader

Cheerleading can start as young as age four with tumbling classes. Recreational squads can start as early as seven years old. Cheerleaders that start this young, and their parents, make a major time commitment to be at practices and games.

Stunting and Tumbling

At a young age, girls are taught cheers and moves to go along with their cheerleading routines. The moves progress in difficulty, but don't be fooled into thinking that little cheerleaders don't stunt. In fact, by age eight, most cheerleaders have taken tumbling and other sundry cheer classes and are doing pyramids and complex tumbling at an early age.

Town Spirit

Cheerleaders begin learning skills before many schools have teams for their age bracket, so for whom are they cheering? Recreational teams generally cheer for their town's sports teams. They use the games as practice, and then work on more routines for competition. While not all recreational teams compete, it is a growing trend.

Cheering for the Really Big Game

Sometimes a recreational squad will get the opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd during a big game or even a parade. This is especially true in college towns where there is a strong sense of community. While older cheerleaders will hold clinics for little ones, the little ones are rewarded for their hard work with the opportunity to see what it feels like to be real cheerleaders in a big crowd.

Worth the Hard Work

Is it hard work? Well, yes, but real cheerleaders are diligent, and most participate in a variety of activities in school and outside of school. Cheerleading can help young people develop leadership skills as well as give them confidence in front of a crowd!

Best Friends Forever

Most cheerleaders would also agree, that some of their best friends were fellow cheerleaders. Hours and hours spent together at practices, camps, games and competitions pay off into long lasting friendships that are often maintained even past high school and college.

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