Young Cheerleaders

Young Cheerleaders in Action

Is there an age that is too early for girls to become young cheerleaders? Considering that it combines the fun of dressing up, playing in groups and developing gross motor skills, probably not.

Cheering No Matter What

Even without a uniform, a child can learn to do many of the poses and cheers that they see the squads do.

A Cheerleader's First Uniform

Of course, once the uniform is put on, a cheerleader really feels that sense of team spirit that comes with being part of a cheerleading squad

Focus on Cheer!

Early on, a sense of focus and determination when leading cheers will serve beginning cheerleaders well.

Cheerleading Shoes

Shoes are the final element in a cheerleader's basic uniform, and they need to be tough and sure-footed to handle all the running, jumping and stunts.

Supporting the Team

With all her equipment in place, the cheerleader is ready to go out and urge her team to victory.

Leading a Chant

Working with coaches and team-mates, cheerleaders learn many chants and moves early on to help get the crowd excited.

A Floor Cheer on the Sidelines

Floor cheers, hello cheers and sideline chants are all parts of a cheerleader's repertoire from the very beginning.

Creating Cheer Stunts

Often, a young cheerleader can draw on skills from other activities such as dance or gymnastics for moves on the floor. More advanced stunts like "flying" usually aren't added to the mix until at least high school.

Cheerleading Coaches

Under the guidance of her coach, who is usually a cheerleader too, a young cheerleader builds a foundation of skills that can take her through college and beyond.

Cheer Friends Forever

Best of all, the friendships that form between members of a young cheer squad can last a lifetime. Whether in practice, at cheer camp or during an exciting game, the experience forms bonds of teamwork, discipline and most important of all - fun.

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Young Cheerleaders