Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders!

These Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders' pics show how hard these young women work to entertain the fans, but they also prove that professional cheerleading can be a lot of fun. The Cardinal Girls travel all over supporting the team at games and representing the organization at various functions. If you want to get a better idea of what it's like to be part of this squad, just page through this slideshow.

Working It at the Playoffs

You've got to be fit to keep up the pace set by this Cardinals cheerleader.

Shaking It in the End Zone

Here, the squad is pictured entertaining the crowd during a game.

Cheer Dancing

Highly choreographed cheer dances are the Cardinals Girls' stock and trade.

Tailgate Party Appearance

There for the fans just as much for the team, the Cardinals Girls supply some spirited entertainment at a tailgate party before the game.

Never Ending Smile

This cheerleader loves performing, and it shows!

Up Close and Personal

A Cardinals cheerleader takes time out to pose with an avid fan.

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Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders