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Tips for College Cheerleading

Transitioning to college cheerleading from high school can be a challenge. It's a different environment and expectations can be high. Trusting yourself, having confidence in your abilities, and being dedicated to doing your best for the squad can all help you make the transition with ease.

Show Your School Spirit

College cheerleaders are an important part of encouraging fans, keeping the team's spirits up, and keeping the game a fun experience for everyone involved. You'll be showing your school spirit as the face of your college or university, so make sure you take care of yourself physically and mentally to make sure you have the energy you need. Eating well, avoiding alcohol, and getting enough sleep will help you keep on top of your routines and engage the crowds.

Manage Your Time to Avoid Stress

As a college cheerleader, you'll be spending plenty of time on the field or court, at practice, and at competitions or school events. Outside of cheer, you'll need to stay on top of homework, term papers, hone your study skills, and more. Plan you time as wisely as possible so you aren't overwhelmed. It can be tempting to go out with friends every night, but setting priorities and planning your schedule well will help you walk away with great memories.

A Genuine Smile Goes a Long Way

No matter how great your routines or stunts are, not having a genuine attitude that care about your school, squad, and team will make the season much more difficult. Caring about other around you and showing your school spirit and great attitude with a genuine smile goes a long way, both on and off the field.

Practice Makes Perfect

The expectations of college cheerleading may be different than when you were in high school. Practices may be schedule in early mornings or later in the evening. The routines can be more rigorous and stunts and motions may require work to perfect. You may have to be part of cheer competitions at the national level or help out with school events. Be prepared to put in the extra time to reach your full potential.

Reach for the Sky

Even though it may take time and practice to get where you need to be, keep your head held high and continue to reach for the sky. You can achieve your college cheering and college academic goals by being diligent and maintaining a positive attitude and overcoming setbacks. Don't forget to look for any support your college may offer, such as counseling to help students transition or tutoring to help maintain grades.

Teamwork Makes It Happen

As part of a college cheerleading squad, you will likely be part of a close-knit group of other female (and sometimes male) students. Working together as a team isn't always easy, but helping one another and working together will help all of your routines and cheers come off flawlessly.

V Is for Victory

The thrill of seeing your school's team win a game or championship brings the thrill of victory. Celebrate with cheering them on and getting fans pumped about the outcome! Remember, however, that you are always representing your university as a college cheerleader, so make smart choices and be cautious about your actions and social media accounts even when you're not cheerleading.

Every Move Counts

Whether it's the small motions or the more difficult stunts, every move counts when it comes to college cheerleading. Your squad will appreciate your efforts to make sure your moves are as polished as possible.

Making Memories as a College Cheerleader

Your days of college cheerleading are likely to leave lasting memories. Taking care of yourself, balancing your time, practicing, having a positive attitude, and being supportive of your squad will all help you thrive during college and create lasting memories and relationships.

Whether you have dreams of becoming a professional NFL cheerleader or Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, want to become a high school or college cheer coach, or have some other aspirations for cheer after college, a strong college experience can set the stage to help you achieve your goals.

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Pictures of College Cheerleaders