Cool Softball Cheers

Got Cool Cheers?

Need cool softball cheers to cheer your team on? Whatever your definition of "cool" happens to be, at least one of the following cheers should fit the bill. The best part is that they work just as well for baseball, so give them a try.

Cool As a Cucumber

Subsitute your batter's name in this cheer.

Cool as a cucumber,
Jamie's up at bat.
She's gonna whack it hard,
'Cause she plays like that.

Pause and wait for your batter to get a hit, then finish:

Can you feel the freeze
As it whizzes past the trees?
Jamie's so cool
You can feel the breeze!

Another Cool Softball Cheer

We may look like some cuties,
But we know how to move our booties.
We can hit and we can catch,
We got rhymes you just can't match.
So check us out once more,
And just wait to see us score!

Chill Time

Our softball team's so cool,
and this game we're gonna rule.
So just
We're so cool you know,
That we just might make it snow.
So just

Encourage Your Batter

This cheer was inspired by a popular nursery rhyme.

Hey diddle, diddle,
The pitcher's in the middle
So knock that ball right over the moon!

Team Pride

Our school is too cool,
And our softball team rules.
'Cause we've got mad skills,
That will give your team chills!

Hope you enjoyed these cool cheers for softball. Now, on to some Funny Football Cheers...

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Cool Softball Cheers