Team Spirit Slogans

Inspire Team Spirit

When you need a catchy phrase to help urge your team to victory, team spirit slogans really come in handy. You can print them on signs or chant them while you're cheering at the game.

The following pages offer slogans you can use as they are or tailor to your own team. Have fun with them and don't forget to let your spirit shine through.

Victory Is Just One Game Away!

The sentiment of this motto couldn't be simpler. Get through the game and win it!

If You Can Believe, You Can Win!

It's essential that the team believes in themselves. Visualizing victory can help take them there, and gets the crowd rooting even harder for their team.

Together We Win, Divided We Lose!

Team members do more than just win games together. They build friendships and come to depend on each other.

G-O Spells Go, So Go Team and Win!

Get straight to the heart of the matter and motivate your team. Nothing spells it out more clearly than G-O!

Teamwork Wins Games!

A team may have a few star players, but nobody wins the game alone. Stress teamwork and inspire everyone to play to their full potential.

It Takes a Team to Sink a Basket!

Everyone has to do their part to help the team win. One member may be the person who scores, but it takes the entire team to move the ball down the court.

Fight Fair, and Play to Win!

Sometimes a team really has to dig in and fight through adversity. However, it's important that they fight fair and keep their sense of sportsmanship.

Dream Big, Play Big, Win Big!

Even though it may look like victory is at hand, the team needs to keep playing as though they need to catch up. This keeps their momentum going all the way to the finish.

All for One!

When a team works together like a well-oiled machine, great things happen. Always put the good of the team first.

We Are the Dream Team!

Make the dream a reality. Be the dream team.

Winning Is an Important Thing, but Teamwork Is Everything!

It's important that winning is kept in perspective. Win or lose, everyone can always be proud when they work together as a team.

Shout It Out Loud, We're Fierce and We're Proud!

Pride can be a powerful motivator. Use it to spur the team to a win.

Slogans can be cheered from the sidelines of any game or sport. Make your team even prouder with school spirit Items you can use to really show off your support.

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Team Spirit Slogans