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Softball chants are catchy and fun, used during short game breaks to keep up the momentum of the game. Incorporate some of these unique softball team chants the next time your squad visits the diamond.

Original Softball Team Chants

These softball chants can be yelled by the cheerleaders and repeated by the fans whenever appropriate. Most chants are repeated two or three times each, so the fans will get to learn the most common ones used by the squad.

When the Other Team is Up to Bat

I Spy
When the other team hits a fly ball

I spy with my little eye
A little white ball hit way too high
Fly ball! Fly ball! Fly ball!

Cracker Jacks
When the other team has someone up to bat

Cotton candy, cracker jacks
Hey there, batter, yack yack yack
You're (draw this word out) out!

When a player from the other team hits the ball

Catch that ball
Tag them all

That's What We Like
When the other team has a batter up with two strikes

All we need is one more strike
You're out! You're out!
That's what we like

Must Be Fate
When an opposing playing is running bases and is tagged out

Second base, first base, home plate
Boom they're out, it must be fate

When Your Team Is Playing Offense

No Hero
When your team is up to bat

We don't need a hero, we just need a hit!
When we get to home, you'll call it quits!

Run the Race
When one of your team members is headed for home base

Run the race
To home base!

All That
When a specific player is up to bat

(Player's Name) is up at bat
She/He is all that

Double Double
For when a batter hits a double

Double double
You're in trouble

Our Name
Anytime during the game

When the game is over and next year comes, they'll remember our name
We're number one

Up on Deck
When one of your team members is getting ready to bat

Crane your necks
Panthers batter is up on deck

Creating and Customizing Softball Chants

Your team is comprised of individuals that work together to make a unique group. Your team's chants should coordinate with the overarching personality and talent level of the team. For example, you'll note pretty quickly that most softball chants tend to follow the same trains of thought:

  • Superiority of your team verses the competition
  • Being number one or winning
  • Hitting a home run

This is all very well, but in reality, not every team is ranked first in its league. Not every team is division one. In fact, some teams find themselves regular and grateful recipients of the mercy rule. It's not terribly apropos to holler chants of "We're the best!" when it's only the second inning and your opponent is up thirty runs.

Create a Chant Bank

Your team should also have a good chant bank for moments that don't truly call for a home run cry. Suppose the opposing team's pitcher keeps hurling the ball outside and your batter has been standing idly in the box waiting for an opportunity to swing. Fans in the bleachers are yawning and swatting gnats while time slows considerably. Then, the umpire calls "Ball Four!" and your batter begins the trot over to first. You may need to employ something practical like:

She Walked

She walked, she walked, she walked to first!
But she walked proudly 'cause it could be worse!

Focus on Your Team's Strengths

Just because your team isn't enduring a rigorous bout of exciting triples and home runs doesn't mean you should give up the cheers. Maybe you just need a quality double to get your lead runner home. It's important to focus on your team's highest points. Craft your softball chants to challenge your opponents while playing up your strengths, even if your strengths apply to areas not pertinent to your actual ball skills.

Striped Knee Socks

We've got something that you can't knock.
Our team looks better in striped knee socks!

Dugout Dance

We'll just leave things up to chance,
And now for a captivating dugout dance!

You can also fashion chants to distract from your poor league standings while highlighting your team's energy. This one works particularly well when you're facing the mercy rule:


We aren't number one, but someday we could be!
Our team's chock-full of POSI-TI-VI-TY!

Good Sportsmanship

Finally, it's important for your team to exercise good sportsmanship when you customize your softball chants, but this creative process can work as an excellent bonding time for coaches and team members. Softball chants should never mimic crude jeers, and one should always be respectful when your competitors are at bat.

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