Songs for Younger Cheer Teams

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As a coach of a young cheer squad, you need to put together age-appropriate dance mixes that include songs for younger cheer teams. This will help you avoid unnecessary flack from parents and fans who would object to foul language or explicit content.

Choosing Songs for Younger Cheer Teams

Knowing how to choose songs appropriate for young squads might feel like a balancing act-what one parent deems acceptable, another might condemn. If you're a new coach and you haven't learned the culture of the team and the parents, try asking for anonymous input from parents on songs that they feel should remain off limits. While you don't want to run every decision by the parents, you do want to show them that you respect their parenting skills and you want to help protect their daughters.

If you'd rather avoid involving the parents, ask yourself the following questions before choosing songs for younger cheer teams:

  1. Does the song include any curse words?
  2. Does the song include any word that walks a fine line between cursing and common speech?
  3. Does the song include content that parents or fans might object to (i.e. drinking, drugs or sex, etc.)?
  4. Does the song demean or discriminate against any group of people?
  5. Could I read the lyrics of this song in front of my most conservative friend without batting an eye?

If the song passes the test on all accounts, or if you can make minor edits to the song in order for it to pass, then put it in the "yes" column. Keep in mind, once you know the parents and the girls and have familiarized yourself with their expectations, you may have the opportunity to relax your standards slightly.

Music Options

If you're used to listening to Top 40 music, you might have a hard time finding songs that have a good beat and also seem appropriate. Consider looking into some less conventional music options.

Instrumental Music

You can search the Internet for websites the offer popular music without the lyrics. This allows you to choose a popular song with a good beat, without having to worry about a parent's response to the inappropriate lyrics of the song. Check out the following websites for ideas:

Disney Music Artists

Disney prides itself on clean-cut shows and music options, and many of the artists, like Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, will be familiar to your cheerleaders.

Cheerleading Mix Sites

If you're preparing for a big half-time show or competition, you might want pre-mixed music so that you don't have to worry about trying to make the mix yourself. Check out websites that mix the music for you. In some cases you can provide them with the songs that you'd like to use, but some sites offer premade mixes. Check out the following sites, all of which tout "clean" music options:

When mixing music for younger cheer teams, just remember that many parents worry about over-sexualizing their daughters. Always play it safe and keep it clean.

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