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Become the talk of a town when you throw a party to watch your favorite sports teams; and don't forget the sports team cheers. Throwing a great party for the big game is a must. But to really show that you're a true fan of your sports team, how about creating and printing out cheers for your favorite team that the whole crowd can enjoy. Or if you're feeling particularly rowdy, why not consider having a creative cheer contest?

Standard Sports Team Cheers

The ultimate sports game party has the ultimate sports team cheers. These are cheers that the fans have heard that are chanted from the stands game after game. Nearly everyone at your party is going to know them. Here are a few examples:

  • Here we go Yankees...(clap, clap)
  • Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal (Generally shouted after someone in a soccer game makes a goal, and sometimes during a corner kick.)

When planning your party, think about the cheers and chants that the crowd commonly yells during a game, and build your cheering selections around these. Generally, they're not specific to a team but rather a sport.

Setting the "Cheer-full" Atmosphere

Will your guests actually cheer cheers? If the atmosphere is right, they certainly will. Setting the right tone for a party is key in getting the active participation of your guests. Think about attention to details in every last area. For help in planning your party, make sure to check out the LoveToKnow Party channel. For a sports themed party also consider:

  • Getting pom pons or Number 1 gloves for all your guests
  • Decorating with jerseys and team colors
  • Posting the words to various cheers
  • Supplying plenty of food and drinks

Sports Team Cheers

When you're writing your team cheers, remember to keep them short and sweet. Your guests are not going to cheer complicated and long things that they have to read through. Base your team cheers on the teams' colors, favorite players, the name of the team or the action.

The Team's Colors

It goes without saying that any real sports party is going to have guests decked out in their favorite teams' colors. Consider posting the following [Football Chants|chant]] on the wall for all to see:

  • Any sport, using your team's colors: Let's Go Red 'n Gold, Let's Go (Clap, clap, clap)
  • Growing in volume, speed shout your team's colors: Blue and white! Blue and white! (You can end the chant in a raucous of cheering and shouting.)

Favorite Player

This type of cheer can be a lot of fun at a party because you can cheer for your favorite player and make up funny sayings about him/her. Be it a college game or a pro game, go crazy while cheering for your favorite player. Here are a few ideas:

  • Did you see Superman throwing for the Jets? No. . .that's just Brett Favre.
  • Simply shouting "We want (players' name)" when substituted out can keep the party going.
  • Every time there is a point earned, the group can shout something like "hoo ha" or something similar. If your team is winning, this can turn into quite the party.

The Loudest Party on the Block

Make sure that you check out LoveToKnow's Cheerleading Cheers because there are a bunch of chants specifically for basketball, [[Baseball Chants|baseball], football and more! There are great ideas there and tons of fresh cheers and chants. Remember to have plenty of food and drink, and remember to inspire sweet and simple chants that all your guests can learn without a lot of effort.

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