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Whether they appear on a T-shirt your squad wears for camp, or one of your patches on your letter jacket, team spirit quotations are a way of letting the world know that you are serious about cheerleading.

Using Team Spirit Quotations

Why should you come up with, or better yet, even use quotes about team spirit? The answer is that the more that you work on promoting team spirit amongst your squad, the more that the squad will translate team spirit to the rest of the school.

Cheerleading Is All About Teamwork

Fostering team spirit is a job that the team captain and coach need to take seriously. Cheerleading relies entirely on a team that is cohesive and trusts each other. Consequently, one great way to lead your squad in thinking about themselves as part of something greater is to put an inspirational quote on all of your hand outs and even e-mails that go out to your squad. It's a little touch, but just like in a routine, attention to minor details can make a huge difference.

Camp Spirit

Consider having T-shirts made up with a quote about team spirit on the front and the name of the squad member on the back. Putting a spirit quote on a shirt reminds girls every time they get dressed for practice or camp what cheerleading is all about.

Cheer Bulletin Board

If your school has a bulletin board available for your use, this is a great place to post not only squad news but an inspirational spirit quote of the month. This way the entire school can see it. When posting quotes in such a public place, try to use things that are more about team spirit in general rather than just cheerleading.

Original Spirit Quotations

Are you running dry on inspiration? Try some of these original team spirit quotations to use for your own squad:

  • ''Cheerleading is a team sport. There is no "I" in cheer."
  • Cheerleaders do the equivalent of sprinting for two minutes straight, fly ten feet into the air, tumble and flip. And we do it all with a smile. No other sport can claim that.
  • Afraid of heights? Play (enter another sport that is popular in your area like basketball, etc.).
  • It doesn't take a genius to figure out what was wrong with the routine. Now to figure out how to go from good to outstanding - that requires brilliance.
  • Got guts? Be a cheerleader.
  • It's not about who wins at the end of the day, but we will do everything within our power to inspire excellence on the field. We're cheerleaders.
  • Win or lose, cheerleaders inspire.

Other Resources for Team Spirit Quotes

There are a variety of other resources for team spirit quotes. These sites don't necessarily feature quotes specifically about cheerleading, but instead focus on school and teamwork in general. However, they are worth a look.

Whether you use spirit quotes on T-shirts, to display on a school wide bulletin board, or somewhere else to help inspire your team, remember that your goal is just that: to inspire your team.

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Team Spirit Quotations