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In Texas, United Cheer Company hosts some of the best and well known competitions in the area. They also host competitions in Louisiana and in other places throughout the South Eastern United States. One of the advantages to the competitions that Texas, United Cheer Company offers is a wide variety of opportunities for budding cheerleaders. You'll find everything from a division for under five all the way up to a senior division for high school girls. Participants must be under eighteen years of age.

In Texas, United Cheer Company Has Opportunities for All!

The United Cheer Company offers a wide variety of competitions and prizes. Prizes are awarded per team as well as on an individual basis for various categories.

All American

If your squad is interested in doing at least three competitions during the year and is able to come up with three different routines, you can go for the All Star trophy. The All Star trophy is awarded to a team that has competed in at least two United Cheer competitions throughout the season as well as the 2008 Team National Competition. The squad with the highest score will be deemed the United Cheer All American team for their age level and division. There are seven divisions.

All American Individual

If cheerleading is your life, and you're able to make it to at least two United Cheer competitions as well as the National United Cheerleading competition, this competition is for you! In order to win, a cheerleader must compete in two individual events at two competitions throughout the year as well as Nationals. The cheerleader must choose one non-music event:

  • Cheer
  • Jump
  • Tumble pass

And one music event:

  • Dance
  • Crowd leader
  • Best cheerleader
  • Elite best cheerleader

The United Cheer All American cheerleader is named in five different divisions according to age.

Other All American Competitions from United Cheer Company

United Cheer company also offers competitions in the categories of:

  • Dance Duo/Group
  • Cheer Duo/Group
  • National Championships
  • Classic and Open Competitions

The competitions all require participants to perform in at least two regular competitions throughout the year as well as the United Cheer National Competition.

Tips for Preparing for Competitions

There are several things that you can do to help prepare your squad for competitions. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get ready, but there is nothing more exhilarating for your squad than feeling the adrenaline rushing as they show off their skills and present themselves against other squads. Participating in competitions is a great way to improve your squad's cheering and dancing skills.

Read the Guidelines

Before you even think about entering a competition, you need to read the guidelines and rules. It would be a shame to loose points or be disqualified for performing an illegal jump or stunt, or for being dressed inappropriately. (Note: Generally, there are not guidelines regarding shell length for All Star teams.)

The competition organization will often generally offer their scoring card as well, and this can clue you into things that they will take points off for. Generally, points are taken off for safety violations, stunts that are poorly executed, tumbling that is poorly executed and obvious errors in the routine.

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting ready for competition is hard work. While it's possible to improve the skills of your cheerleaders, it's important to not overdo it. Begin by practicing stunts and tumbling consistently. Consider going to the pre-season show off. However, when it comes time for the final competition, only use stunts and tumbling passes that your cheerleaders can hit consistently. Remember, a more complicated stunt or tumbling pass will not impress the judges if your squad messes it up during competition. Accentuate your squad's strength and down play their weaknesses rather than pushing them too hard.

Get Good Quality Music

Unless your school has a rather advanced audio visual room with skilled editors, you'll need to have a CD professionally mixed for you. Choosing good music that will let you stand out is one way to set yourself apart at the competition.

Remember to Have Fun

While competition is hard work, most cheerleaders relish the opportunity to show off their skills and perform. It can be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for the team. However, don't push them too hard. Cheerleading and competing should be fun not burdensome. If there seems to be a rise in injuries, a general lethargy towards the routine and task at hand or cheerleaders are skipping practices, you know it's time to cut back!

Contact Information

You can read scoring cards, download registration and rules to competitions and check the calendar of events at the United Cheer Company website.

By Mail: United Cheer

2499 Atascocita Road

Humble, Texas 77396

Phone: 281-540-8877

Fax: 281-540-8873

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