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Total Cheer Academy is a training center geared to all star cheerleading in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This successful cheerleading training center is the home of the Flames All-Star Cheerleading program. Both male and female cheerleaders up to age 18 can train at the Total Cheer Academy.

About Total Cheer Academy

As of December 2009, nine divisions, based upon ability levels and age were available to aspiring cheerleaders who wished to train at this top-level gym. Coaches offer instruction in tumbling, dance, stunting and cheer motion techniques. A staff choreographer develops routines for team tryouts and all levels of the Flames All-Star cheerleading teams. Once a year, participants can attend a tryout session for a cheer team. Potential cheerleaders can take classes at any time to improve their skills. Teams compete on the regional, state and national level.

Instruction Schedule

Classes run on a seasonal schedule. Teens and children interested in joining a class already in session must request special permission from the training center supervisor. Instructional classes occur on weeknights and Saturday afternoons. Cheerleaders may register for multiple classes offering instruction on different aspects of cheerleading. Classes for children with special needs occur once a week at the training center. An open gym session for all age levels occurs on Sunday afternoons.

Types of Classes

Toddlers and Young Children

Children as young as four years old participate in the Fireflies or Tiny Tumblers courses. Classes for toddlers range in time from thirty to forty-five minutes. The Little Tumblers division for children ages five or six years old lasts an hour.

Tumbling Classes

Classes focusing on tumbling instructions occur at the gym weekly. Course instructors determine the proper tumbling class assignment based upon both ability and age.

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes include Cheer Prep, Flyer Technique and Stunting. Once a week, approved participants work to achieve advanced skills and competition readiness. Flyers are the cheerleaders lifted or tossed into the air by those who form the base of a stunt. Advanced stunts taught at this cheerleading academy include basket tosses, "Liberty," full extensions and walking "Elevator" stunts. Others also include multiple flyers lifted into the air in unison or on a timed "ripple," which require months of practice to perfect.

Flames All-Star Teams

As of December 2009, seven Flames All-Star teams trained at the academy and traveled to competitions. The maximum number of cheerleaders per squad on average was 28. Qualifying teams attend the National Cheerleading Competition in Orlando, Florida. The cost for participation per individual varies. As of December 2009, fees could be as much as $2,000 per participant for a full year of training and competing. A sponsorship program allows requests for monetary aid for team members in need of assistance. Sponsors receive free advertisement services at the cheerleading academy after agreeing to sponsor an athlete.

Beginner Teams

The Sparklers team is designed to allow a participant ages five and younger, an introduction into the world of cheerleading competitions. The Crimson Flares team is comprised of members age eight and younger. In recent seasons, this team has ranked among the top teams in the state, for their age division.

Intermediate Teams

The Purple Dynamite team is generally comprised of cheerleaders age eleven and younger. Children in this ability division have mastered a beginning skill set and have some Cheerleading Tumbling tumbling and stunting ability.

Junior Advanced Teams

White Embers is a level III Juniors team comprised of members age 14 and younger. This advanced level team has multiple national title trophies in the gym achievement case. Cheerleaders age 14 and younger who participate on this team must demonstrate an advanced ability in dance, tumbling and stunting ability.

Senior Advanced Teams

Multiple advanced ability teams for senior level teengers exist at this all-star training academy. Teams at this level of competition are comprised of both all female and coed squads. Advanced athletes age 18 and younger participate at this level of competition.

Special Needs Teams

The Fire Crackers team is comprised of athletes with either physical or developmental disabilities. Open registration for this team is available year around, without a tryout. Traveling to competitions with an adapted routine allows special needs athletes to enjoy the sport of cheerleading in a relaxed and accepting environment.

Academy Amenities

The Total Cheer Academy center facility includes 16 spring floors, 70 foot long tumbling floor strip, foam pit, foam strips,tumble track and a spectator area for parent viewing.

  • Initial Author: Tara Dodrill
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