Used Cheerleading Uniforms

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Cutting costs can be a challenge.

Purchasing used cheerleading uniforms can be a bit of a gamble for you or your fellow squad members. Where used uniforms are available, particularly from Internet sellers, the process and details involved can often lead to less than exemplary results.

The Purchase of Used Cheerleading Uniforms

It's no surprise that many cheerleaders have a difficult time mustering up the finances for their annual uniform. Uniforms consist of many specialized pieces. Bodysuits, shell tops, skirts, undershorts, shoes, socks, sweaters and even coordinating gym bags and warm-ups can add up to a considerable sum of money. Although all these matching items help to form team solidarity and a winning look, the price to be paid is well into the hundreds of dollars.

Is it Worth the Savings?

Purchasing a used uniform can cut those costs in half, if not more. However, the reality of used cheerleading uniforms is that styles are extremely limited, as are sizes and colors. The average eBay vendor may have a cheerleading uniform that boasts your school's mascot appliquéd across the chest of a shell top, but this doesn't guarantee that the uniform's colors are the combination you need. Should you be fortunate to find a uniform that is, indeed, suitable for your school's color and mascot, you may have trouble purchasing it in your size. As if this isn't challenging enough, you and your squad must all match, but what if there are not enough sizes available?

Are Used Uniforms Practical?

One hefty reality regarding the purchase of used uniforms, is that this cost-cutting measure can also hinder the longevity of the uniform style. Should you be able to outfit your entire squad in the same uniform, this will still not necessarily allow for the subsequent generation of cheerleaders. As seniors graduate and new freshmen join your squad ranks, the uniform will have to change in order to accommodate all newcomers and their sizing requirements. Unless the retailer of used uniforms can promise a steady supply of the same uniform style for at least two or three years, used uniforms are not a practical option.Furthermore, purchasing a used uniform online is a risk because return policies can be stiff. EBay tends to carry the largest selection of used cheerleading uniforms, but many sellers provide a tight return policy that may only allow for store credit.

Hence, if you are a cheerleader or coach looking to outfit your squad, the purchase of used uniforms is unlikely to meet your needs. It might be a better idea to look into fundraising options or donations.

Uniforms for Costume Purposes

Not everyone looking into the possibility of a used uniform is doing so with the intent to clothe their cheerleading squad. Used uniforms are perfect for a Halloween costume. You can easily sweep through eBay's used uniforms to find the perfect costume. Still, the return policy on eBay will pose a threat when you are searching for your perfect size. Cheerleading uniforms are typically sold in youth sizes, which will involve a conversion process for adult females. Many eBay retailers will feature a conversion chart on their site, but it is always a good idea to take out a measuring tape and record your exact measurements before making an online purchase. Though eBay does host a number of reliable sellers, the time before your Halloween event or costume party maybe too short to allow for returns or exchanges.

Purchasing Details

Nucheer's Store, which is on eBay, is a great place to look for uniforms and accessories. Don't forget that the perfect cheerleader uniform needs accessories such as socks and pom poms. Cheerleading briefs can be purchased from any cheerleading retailer for an affordable sum, so if eBay can't outfit you down to the very last details, accessory items can be bought new from stores such as

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Used Cheerleading Uniforms