Volleyball Warm Up Cheers

Free Volleyball Warm Up Cheers


Are you looking for some volleyball warm up cheers? A lot of teams perform their own cheers to help them get fired up before the game begins because many cheerleading squads don't cover this sport. The following pages feature warm up cheers that you can use just as they are, but feel free to change them so they are personalized to your team.



We're gonna win,
Can you guess why?

We've got the skills,
And we're not shy,

Bump, Set, Spike!


The stomps and the claps in this cheer are performed, not shouted. Just substitute your own team name.

Stomp, Stomp
Clap, clap, clap
Eagles are ready tonight!
Stomp, stomp
Clap, clap, clap
To bump, set, spike!

Repeat two more times speeding up a little with each repitition.

Serve It Up


Encourage a special player:

(Player's name) ain't no buttercup,
She knows how to serve it up.
Watch her make that volleyball soar,
She's gonna help our team to score!

Psych Up


Substitute your team name in this warm up cheer.

Who's the team that plays the best?
Tigers! Tigers!
Who's the team that rules the net?
Tigers! Tigers!
Who's the team that loves to ace?
Tigers! Tigers!
Who's the team that sets the pace?
The mighty, mighty Tigers!

Hear that Spirit


We've got spirit and
we're gonna let you hear it!
Fighting Irish, white and green
We're the best volleyball team you've ever seen.

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Volleyball Warm Up Cheers