What Are Some Long Softball Cheers or Chants

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When you want to do some long softball cheers and chants, give one of these originals a try. Whether you're using one to support your own team or taunt your opponents a little, you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Working Your Way Into a Long Softball Chant

In softball, cheering serves multiple purposes:

  • You can cheer to unnerve the other team's batter or pitcher.
  • You can cheer on your own team.
  • You can incite the fans to chant their undying devotion to your team.
  • You can just cheer to have fun!

So, What Are Some Long Softball Cheers or Chants?

There are a few ways to think about creating your cheers and chants to support your team and to work them into something longer than your average cheer.

Teammate Cheers

Why not bolster your team by cheering them on one by one. This is a great tactic whether you are winning or losing. Plus, it's a boost to sportsmanship since it involves no dissing of the other team which happens sometimes in the bleachers. Here's an example of how to work everyone in.

Katie, Katie she's our gal,
With bat in hand
We all yell,
(Make whistling sound and put your hands over your brow to simulate watching a ball being hit out of the park)
It's outta here like a bat outta... !

Amy, Amy she's our pal,
When she's at bat We all yell,
(make a different sound like a crack or pop to indicate how hard or how far she hit it)
It's outta here like a bat outta... !

Keep following the same pattern changing the chant slightly for each player that you're cheering for. Don't feel like you have to wait for each player to take their turn at bat. Instead, you can cheer this chant while the players are warming up, or cheer just a few girls on at a time if you're looking for something a tad shorter.

Cheer Around the Bases

Another way to make a lengthy softball cheer or chant is to cheer your way around the bases.

To the first, to the first... make it the first.
Slide in, run in
Whatever ya gotta do
To get the job done

To the second, to the second... make it to the second
Run, run, run, run
Whatever ya gotta do
To get the job done

To the third, to the third... make it to the third
Faster, faster, fun, fun, fun
Whatever ya gotta do
To get the job done

To home plate, to home plate... make it to home plate
Make the other team appreciate
You did whatever you had to do
To get the job done

Girl playing softball

Unnerving the Other Team

Although you always want to show good sportsmanship, there is something inherent about softball that begs for you to razz the other team at least a little. Just remember not to dish it out if you can't take it, but also be sure the other team will take your jest in fun. Otherwise, you could spoil the game.

You throw like a baby,
You run like a sloth.
Playin' against your team.
Is like taking a walk!

Hey one, hey all
Come watch these clowns
As they try to hit the ball
And stumble around!

Hey batter, batter
You forget how to swing?
If you uncross your eyes,
Maybe you'll hit that thing!

Just one more thing
Lest you forget,
When you play against us,
You're playing the best!

Long Cheers and Chants Have Their Place

Even though a lot of the action in a softball game is better suited to shorter cheers, there are plenty of times when a longer cheer or chant will work. The next time you're at a game, watch for one of those opportunities, like when the teams are switching place or a batter if up at bat, and raise your voice with one of these crowd-rousing cheers.

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What Are Some Long Softball Cheers or Chants