Words for Football Cheers

Fresh Football Cheers


Even the best cheers grow stale after a while. Here are six new cheers to help you spur your team on to victory!

We Need a Touchdown!

Dig those cleats in,
Don't you whine.
Move that ball
Across the line.
Make - that - touchdown!

Block That Tackle


Block that tackle,
Protect our quarterback!
Fend off the defense,
Don't let him get sacked!

The Kicker


Here comes our kicker
With the magic feet.
When he hits the field
We just can't be beat.

He's all set up,
So get ready to roll.
Our ball's about to sail
Right through your goal!

Three Points


It's good, it's good,
Our field goal is good!
We scored three points
Like we knew we would!

Move That Ball


First down, second down,
Third down, score!
Come on team,
Show us some more!

Victory Is Sweet


Humble in victory,
Gracious in defeat.
But if we get to choose then
Victory would be sweet!

Score those touchdowns,
Hold those lines.
We want to win 'cuz
It's our time to shine!

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Words for Football Cheers