Zeta Phi Beta Chants

Zeta Phi Beta are sisters for life.

Whether you're already part of this sorority or just thinking about joining, you may want to learn more about Zeta Phi Beta chants. Joining a sorority can give young college women a sense of belonging and sisterhood that might otherwise be lacking from their college experience. Shared chants and sayings help bond the sisters of a sorority together. Zeta Phi Beta is traditionally for African American women and has a focus on African American culture and history.

Traditional Zeta Phi Beta Chants

There are quite a few chants that are common amongst all Zeta Phi Beta members as well as Greek chants in general. These can be found at the following sites:

  • Tau Xi Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta has some chants listed on their website, including the traditional "Zeta Phi 'til the day I die" chant.
  • Zeta Mu has quite a few chants that are free for any Zeta girl to use, including "In 1908", "Zeta Train", "The Men", "Until the Day I Die", "What is a Zeta?" and "I Love Being a Zeta".
  • National Zeta Phi Beta website offers the history and information on how to join this sorority. You can express an interest, but membership is by invitation only. Learn about past members, the history of the sorority, and local events where you can hear Zeta Phi Beta chants and songs.

Unique Chants for Your House

Having a special chant that is unique to your sorority house can help draw sisters closer together and create a feeling of fellowship with past sorority sisters and current sisters. Here are a couple of unique chants you might want to try.

Zeta Phi, Aiming High

Zeta Phi

We're aiming high

The girls of Beta

None are greater

Zeta Phi

Aiming High

Zeta Girls

We are Zeta girlsWe are chemists



successful women

Zeta girls are about




We are Zeta girls

We are Z-E-T-A

Make Up Your Own Chant

Probably one of the best activities to help your house bond together is to create your own personal house chant. The Zeta Phi Beta chants listed in this article can serve as inspiration. To write your own chant, consider the following:

  • What is the main purpose of your sorority house?
  • What current Zeta Phi Beta chants are used in your chapter?
  • Is there anything unique about your chapter that sets it apart from other Zeta chapters?
  • Is there anything that people would easily recognize about your house?

Once you've answered the questions above, you'll want to spend some time with your sorority sisters brainstorming words and ideas for the chant. While the chant doesn't have to rhyme, traditionally chants do. Are there any words related to your answers from above that rhyme with Zeta, Phi or Beta?

If you have a house member who is particularly good at writing songs or poetry, you may want to enlist her help coming up with the chant. Other sisters can jump in to help refine the finished chant, but it helps to have someone who can get the initial words started.

Whether you decide to use a ready-made chant or to create a new chant just for your chapter, you'll want to make sure that every Zeta Phi Beta sister knows the chant and can say it together. Achieve this by opening meetings with the chant and practicing during fun times. The chant should be one that stays with your house sisters for many years to come and can be used as a greeting when meeting other Zeta sisters.

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