Cheer Room Décor Ideas

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If your child eats, sleeps and breathes cheerleading, a bedroom decorated with her favorite sport will thrill her heart. The perfect cheer decor is different for each girl, so you may need to think outside the box and dig down deep to find what most inspires her.

Decorating Ideas for Cheer Rooms

On the Wall

The best place to start with your new cheerleading-themed bedroom is the walls. The color could be something as simple as white to show off any decals you place on the walls or could be a school or team color. Some cheerleaders prefer a girly pink or lavender as a base color. You really can't go wrong with the color, but it's a good idea to make sure any accessories you purchase won't clash. You may also want to consider that the colors may change in the future should your child end up cheering for other schools or in college.

The walls can be decorated with:

Cheerleading wall decal
Cheerleading wall decal
  • Decals - Decals can include cheerleader silhouettes, images of a girl doing tumbling and even cheerleading sayings or motivational quotes. Quotes and sayings can be purchased at sites like Vinyl Wall Expressions or Wall Written, which both do custom work.
  • Pop Art - Some cheerleaders prefer to put a piece of large pop art on the wall featuring specific team mascots, cheerleaders in action, or other themed images.
  • Inspirational Sayings - Inspirational sayings can be stenciled or painted freehand on the wall. These might be quotes that have a special meaning to the cheerleader, or perhaps the school fight song or the verses to a favorite cheer.

Floor Covering

A custom rug can set the scene for your cheerleading room. A rug with cheerleaders on it, pom poms, the school mascot or even your child's name will all work to tie the overall theme of the room together. Here are a few ideas for rugs:

  • Basketball Cheerleading Rug - If your daughter cheers during basketball season, this rug is perfect. It features several cheer motions, a jump and a pyramid. The rug can also be customized by changing the color of the pom poms and other details. Choose from square or round in the size of your choice.
  • Cheerleader Megaphone Rug - If you're going with a megaphone theme or just want to add the element of the megaphone into the overall design, this rug is a nice choice. Bold colors and a set of pom poms set off the megaphone design. Swap out the colors for colors that match your child's team. The rug comes in round or square in a variety of sizes.


Kid Locker available in 7 colors
Kid Locker available in 7 colors

Traditional furniture will go with cheer decor, but furniture made especially for cheerleaders is much more fun. Although there aren't a lot of choices for purchasing cheerleader-specific furniture outright, you can create some great original pieces with a bit of time and creativity.

  • Purchase an old locker and turn it into a place to store uniforms and bows. Personalize the locker by painting it in a color that coordinates with the room and decorating it with decals or stenciled images. Old lockers can be found on Craigslist, or you can purchase them online at auction sites or places like Lightning Lockers.
  • Add a bean bag chair that matches the sport your child cheers for. A basketball or football beanbag creates an interesting addition to a cheer room.


The bed tends to be the focal point of a bedroom. Glam up your bed and give it some cheerleader sparkle and finesse by trying:

  • Cheerleader Blankets - This blanket features megaphones, pompoms and common cheer sayings such as "Go Team!"
  • Team-Inspired Bedding - Choose bedding for your daughter's favorite sports team or dream team to cheer for. Perhaps she wants to cheer for University of Kentucky. Get bedding in bright blue UK colors.


The accessories you place in the room can make it extra special and give it that personal touch that has meaning for your cheerleader. Consider adding:

Zebra Cheerleader Throw Pillow
Zebra Cheerleader Throw Pillow
  • Cheerleader Throw Pillows - Pillows can add interest to the bed or to a chair or couch in the room. Choose from pillows with sports team mascots, cheerleading emblems and sayings or personalized pillows.
  • Lamps - Light up the new decor with a cheerleading lamp shade. You could also decorate the lamps you already have with cheerleading -themed stencils and some paint.
  • Cheerleading Paraphernalia - Scatter some items in the corners, such as a megaphone and pom poms, to use as accent pieces.
  • Shadow Boxes - Place last year's uniform in a large shadow box and feature it on the wall. Surround it with trophies, medals, hair bows and pom poms.

Recycle What You Have

When it comes to creating a truly unique cheer room that speaks to your daughter's personality, the key is to be open to using items you already have on hand or drawing inspiration from those objects. If you can't locate a dresser that goes well in the room, paint an old one and add cheer decals to it. Shadow boxes with cheerleading mementos make for personal wall art that also keeps memories safe. Have fun decorating your cheer room and it will show in the finished product.

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