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Cheerleaders spend countless hours practicing routines, attending tumbling classes and perfecting stunts. After all that hard work, the squad will want to show off what they've learned. Competitions are the perfect venue to showcase cheerleading skills and talent. Fortunately, cheer competitions are held all across the United States each year. No matter which area you are from, you will find a competition for your squad to compete in.

Groups that Offer Competitions in US

NCA Classic Championships

Compete against other teams from around your region and qualify for the national competition. NCA offers several classic championships for high school varsity teams:

  • NCA/NDA Northwest International Championship - Tacoma, Washington in March
  • NCA/NDA Daytona Beach International Championship - Daytona Beach, Florida in April
  • NCA North Texas Small Gym Classic - Allen, Texas in November
  • NCA/NDA Nashville Classic - Nashville, Tennessee in November
  • NCA/NDA Arkansas Classic - Little Rock, Arkansas in December
  • NCA/NDA San Diego Classic - San Diego, California in December
  • NCA/NDA St. Louis Classic - St. Louis, Missouri in January

Although the registration may vary slightly from venue to venue, in general you can expect to display skill sets such as tumbling, motions, dance, stunts and jumps in these competitions. Your squad will also be judged on precision. Registration forms are available on the NCA site, although coaches typically register their squads.

American Cheer Power

American Cheer Power offers a long list of US cheerleading competitions. Events start in October and run all the way through July. You'll find ACP competitions in the following states:

  • Texas
  • Ohio
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada

Each cheerleading competition provides categories for All Star, All Star Rec, School and Youth League. There may also be exhibition teams.

Spirit Xpress

Spirit Xpress offers regional competitions around the US where cheerleaders can qualify for the Spirit Xpress nationals. Although events are held around North Carolina, Spirit Xpress also offers five different competitions around the US that all come together for a national champion. The six competitions around the US are:

  • Queen of the Nile in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Battle Under the Big Top in Atlanta, Georgia
  • King of the Jungle in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Clash of the Titans in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Return to Atlantis in Baltimore, Maryland

The top teams from each of these competitions will compete in the All Star Challenge.

The US Championships

The US Championships and US Open Championship are both held in Florida. There is no need to pre-qualify for the events. They are open to any cheer squad wishing to enter. There are a number of divisions for the competitions for All Star, school and recreational cheer. All Star squads can expect to compete in:

  • Tiny Division
  • Mini All Star Cheer
  • Youth All Star
  • Senior and Co-Ed All Star
  • Open and Co-Ed All Star

Winning teams receive banners and medals. There are also more than $40,000 in scholarships and awards given.

Cheer America

Cheer America offers cheer and dance competitions around the state of Texas. These competitions are open to squads from around the country. Cheerleaders compete as teams or in individual events such as stunting and jumps. The competitions held by Cheer America include:

  • Small Gym Invitational in San Marcos, Texas
  • Denton Classic Championship in Denton, Texas
  • Houston Platinum Championship in Houston, Texas
  • Corpus Christi Holiday Event in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • San Antonia River Rivalry One in San Antonio, Texas

There are also state and national competitions. Cheer America offers an incentive program for attending more than one event. Coaches can take the incentive as a discount toward the next competition registration or receive a rebate check.

More Competitions Around the US

Although the competitions above are recognized by sites like, there are many other venues all across the United States. Many of these competitions are held at universities and some at local gyms. It is smart to talk to other cheerleaders and coaches and see what events are available that your squad can enter.

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