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It's important to apply your cheer competition makeup just right in order to put your best face forward for the big event. Unlike your daily makeup, cheer competition makeup should look especially striking. You don't want your makeup to fade or smear before you compete; purchase the right products and supplies, and learn the right way to make it stick.

Purchasing Cheer Competition Makeup

Most cheer coaches will want the entire team to match, so it's really important that you don't purchase makeup without a little direction. If your cheer coach leaves the purchasing decision up to you, consider purchasing from one of the online vendors that carry makeup specifically for cheerleading and dance:

Most cheer makeup vendors will allow you to choose items individually, or they will let you build cheer makeup packages. Most packages include items like makeup glue, glitter, lip gloss and application brushes. Most items range from $6.00 to $10.00 individually, but you can save money by purchasing packages.

The Cheer Competition "Look"

When you're cheering in a competition, judges will want you to exemplify team spirit while looking your personal best. Cheer makeup needs to be applied heavily for judges to see it from a distance, but not so heavily that you end up looking like a clown. Lengthening mascara, bright lipstick and glitter applied in team colors can help you achieve this look. When applying eye makeup, make sure you use at least two different colors of eye shadow or glitter - at least one bright color and one neutral tone to break up the look. Some cheer coaches also require glitter stars or temporary tattoos around the eyes or across the cheeks.

Looks to Avoid

  • Don't apply bright eye shadow from your lash line to your brow line, especially in a single color
  • Don't apply excessive blush or too much glitter on your cheeks
  • Avoid wearing too much makeup in your team colors; if you're wearing team colors on your eyelids, you don't need to wear them on your lips, too

Applying Eye Glitter

When you purchase cheer makeup, you may need to apply loose glitter to your lids for a striking look. For the best application, you'll want to recruit a teammate to apply the glitter for you, then you can apply her glitter for her.

  1. Clean your face thoroughly.
  2. If you plan on wearing eyeliner, apply liquid eyeliner close to your lash line and allow it to dry completely.
  3. Lie on the ground with your teammate situated directly above your head.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Have your teammate apply a line of makeup glue across your lash line.
  6. She should then dip an angled brush lightly in water, blotting it on a towel before dipping it in the bright glitter color.
  7. She should take the brush and dab the glitter across the makeup glue, covering the glue completely.
  8. Have her apply a second line of makeup glue directly above the crease of your eyelid.
  9. Clean the angled brush and repeat the glitter application on the second glue line with the lighter glitter color.
  10. Lie still for several minutes to allow the glue to dry completely.
  11. Clean any excess glitter with baby wipes.

Your coach may want you to apply the glitter in a different pattern, but the process will work the same way. You can apply glitter to your lips in a similar fashion by first applying lipstick, then placing makeup glue and glitter over the top. This will ensure that your makeup and glitter will stay for the entire competition.

Removing Makeup

After a competition, you'll want to make sure you remove your cheer makeup completely. If you had to apply a temporary tattoo, remove it with a small alcohol swab. You can remove the rest of your makeup with oil-free eye makeup remover, baby wipes and face wash.

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Cheer Competition Makeup