NFL Cheerleaders' Oops

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NFL Cheerleaders' oops moments are probably more noticeable than the oops moments of high school or middle school cheerleaders, because of the media exposure professional team sports receive. Because of the increased danger of bigger stunts and more intense workout schedules, NFL Cheerleaders' Oops can range from humorous to downright dangerous.

What Causes NFL Cheerleaders' Oops Moments

There are many reasons why professional cheerleaders might make mistakes. Mistakes can range from a minor mishap to broken bones and other injuries. Some of the most common reasons for cheerleading making mistakes include:

  • Exhaustion: Workout schedules for professional team cheerleaders are rigorous. Many cheerleaders also work part-time jobs or go to college, which can make for a whirlwind schedule that leads to exhaustion. Without proper rest, even the most seasoned cheerleader can make a mistake. This might not be a big deal when practicing a new dance move, but if serving as a flyer or the base of a stunt, it can be catastrophic.
  • Poor Technique: It is really important for cheerleaders at any level to perfect the basics of good cheerleading. Poor technique during stunts or tumbling can quickly lead to a big oops moment that can cause injury or embarrassment. Listening to the coach is vital and many cheerleaders also hire dance and tumbling instructors to help in areas where they may be having trouble.
  • Costume Problems: Few things are as embarrassing as one side of a string halter top breaking or a skirt ripping all the way up the side. While it is impossible to predict when these things might happen, cheerleaders can lessen the opportunity for wardrobe issues by carefully checking for frayed seams, loose threads and making sure cheerleading uniforms fit properly. Many professional squads have a uniform person who maintains the uniforms, but it is still a good idea to check for these things on your own.
  • Poor Choices: Another type of oops committed by cheerleaders occurs off the playing field or court. Most professional teams do not allow cheerleaders and players to date; dating a player on the team is generally grounds for dismissal. Also, some cheerleaders have been fired for posting inappropriate pictures online or making other poor choices that coaches worry will reflect poorly on the entire organization.
  • Others Interfering: Sometimes cheerleaders have mishaps because they get run over by a player running too fast to stop. There are also many examples of mascots running into cheerleaders or picking on the cheerleaders to get a laugh from the crowd.

Some Examples of Oops Mishaps

There are quite a few examples on YouTube of cheerleading oops moments, including videos of NFL cheerleaders and mascots making mistakes:

There are also many DVDs available that feature NFL bloopers and will show cheerleaders making various mistakes.

Watch Out for Future Oops

If you're a football fan, then keep a close eye on coverage of your favorite team. Cheerleaders are human and therefore make mistakes, so you're certain to see an oops or two nearly every season. Going to live games will give you more opportunities to spot these mistakes, since television cameras often pan away from the cheerleaders when this happens. Take a video camera, if allowed, and record your own cheerleading bloopers for a laugh on a rainy day.

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