Cheerleading Jumps: Side Hurdler

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When choosing cheerleading jumps, side hurdler jumps can be both fun and challenging for cheerleaders to perform.

Basic Side Hurdler Form

To understand the basic form of the side hurdler, you might want to practice while sitting on the ground.

  1. Sit down on the ground with your torso upright and straight, facing forward. Before you situate your legs, you can simply allow them to rest comfortably in front of you.
  2. Bend your left leg and rotate it so that your inner thigh rests on the ground and your heel touches your bottom.
  3. Extend your right leg out to the side and point your right toe.
  4. Make fists with your hands and extend them from your side in a "T" formation.

When performing the side hurdler in the air, you will form this same position with your body. You can also practice this same form on the opposite side, extending your left leg and bending your right leg.

Cheerleading Jumps, Side Hurdler: Left or Right?

Because you can perform either a Left Side Hurdler or a Right Side Hurdler, you will probably discover that one side feels more natural than the other. In an effort to enhance your skills, practice the side hurdler on both sides. This way, if you have to perform the side hurdler on your weak side during a competition, you'll be prepared. Otherwise, perform the side hurdler using your preferred leg during games. You'll feel more confident and the jump will look sharper.

Learning the Side Hurdler

You want to make sure that your jumping form when learning cheerleading jumps is sharp and precise from start to finish. Cheerleading jumps, side hurdlers or other jumps, can cause injury if not performed correctly so make sure you concentrate on jumping and landing with precision.

  1. Stand with your body straight and tight, your legs together. With your fists tight, throw your arms up into a high "V" position above your head.
  2. Rise onto your toes as you swing your arms into the "V" position. Keep your body straight and tight during this motion, preventing your back from arching.
  3. Perform a windup with your arms to gain momentum for the jump. From the "V" position, swing your arms in toward each other and down in a large circle, crossing in front of the waist before swinging outward again. As you cross your arms in front of your waist, bend your knees and press through your toes.
  4. Swing your arms out into a "T" formation as you press off the ground and jump into the air.
  5. Extend one leg out to your side, pointing your toe.
  6. Bend the opposite leg at the knee, your inner thigh pointing toward the floor and your heel reaching toward your bottom. Your knee should be parallel to the ground.
  7. Snap your legs back in toward the center as you begin to land.
  8. Land with your knees bent and your hands tight against the outside of your knees, your torso in a forward-facing, straight position.
  9. Stand up tall, keeping your arms in close to your side and deliver an award-winning smile.

Practice Makes Perfect

It may take time to improve your cheerleading jumps and perfect your side hurdler, but stick with it. Practice often with a concentration on form and you'll be wowing the crowd before you know it.

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Cheerleading Jumps: Side Hurdler