Halftime Cheers

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Halftime cheers are your squad's opportunity to shine. In most cases, the squad will have at least a few minutes to perform halftime cheers, so individual talents can be showcased and bigger stunts can be performed. If the team is losing, cheerleaders can encourage fans to take heart and not lose hope. If the team is winning, then cheerleaders celebrate with the fans and pump up the energy in the crowd.

Tips for Halftime Cheers

The basketball players are off the floor, or the football players are in the locker room. All eyes are on the cheer squad as you take center stage to perform your halftime cheer. New squads especially can feel intense pressure at this time. It's important that the halftime routine be absolutely flawless at practice, so the cheerleaders feel confident when executing the cheer in front of fans. Even if there is a mishap, everyone should keep smiling and keep to the routine as much as possible.

Halftime is the perfect time to let girls on the squad show off talents like back handsprings, back tucks and various stunts.

Some Sample Cheers for Halftime

The best halftime cheers are unique to your team and come from experiences the school has had during sporting events. If your school has a big rival team that has purple and white as its colors and the quarterback stomped off the field when they lost the last game, halftime cheers about stomping grapes can be very entertaining for your fans. Here are a few ideas to get you started. You can change any of the mascot names to match your own school mascot.

Basketball Halftime Cheer

Lion fans, lift your hands

Lion fans, clap your hands

Lion fans, scream and shout

Lion fans, without a doubt

Our boys can dribble the ball

Our boys seem ten feet tall

Our boys are overall

Number one!

Number one!

Let's hear it fans...

Number one!

Football Halftime Cheer

Ten yards, twenty yards, thirty yards


Forty yards, fifty yards, sixty yards


Our Eagles can run

Our Eagles can punt

Our Eagles will cheer

As we do this stunt

(Cheerleaders do a lift, pyramid or other stunt as squad members' skills allow)

Go, Eagles, go!

Go, Eagles, go go go!

Any Sport Halftime Cheer

Orange, Blue and White

Our boys know how to fight

If Warriors know what's right

They will take flight -- ahhhhhh

They will take flight

White, Orange and Blue

Here's what we want you to do

Clap your hands like this (clap clap clap)

Stomp your feet like that (stomp stomp stomp)

Now stomp and clap (stomp, clap, stomp, clap)

Go, Dragons, go!

Practice Makes Perfect

Since you'll want to switch up your halftime cheers from time to time and give the fans something new to watch, your squad will want to practice the halftime cheer at each and every practice. Another option is to throw in a cheer dance instead of a cheer. This can allow the cheerleaders to offer something new to the fans and give girls a break from difficult stunts. The halftime cheer should be as flawless as possible. Cheerleaders must learn to watch one another and keep motions tight and together. This will show fans that you take your job seriously as they will be more likely to cheer along with you.

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Halftime Cheers