How to Cheer When You Are on Your Period

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When you're bloated, cramping and uncomfortable, it can be hard to imagine how to cheer when you are on your period. Just because it's your time of the month, the cheerleading practices and games don't stop. That means that it is vital to learn how to keep cheering and improving even when you don't particularly feel like it.

Tips for How to Cheer When You Are on Your Period

Cheering during your time of the month may be the last thing you truly want to do, but with these tips you can make it through with your squad spirit intact.

  • Wear comfortable clothes. If you are at practice, and the coach allows it, you may feel more comfortable in black athletic pants than cheer shorts.
  • Take extra supplies and a change of clothes. You will be moving around a lot. If you leak, you'll want a change of clothing and extra necessities to help you get through the remainder of the practice.
  • Take ibuprofin to help alleviate pain from cramps. Be aware that many schools have no tolerance policies in regards to drugs, even over-the-counter varieties, so you may need to leave the ibuprofen with the school nurse or your coach.
  • Inform your coach of your condition. If you are having a particularly uncomfortable period, you may want to discreetly let your coach know this. It might be best to spend a bit more time gently stretching and avoid stunts for a practice or two.
  • Don't be embarrassed if you need to excuse yourself during the practice for a few minutes. If you've informed your coach of any issues you might be having, she should understand. Some squads have practices that last three or four hours, so you may need to take a couple of bathroom breaks during that time.

Choosing Between Pads and Tampons

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, all girls seem to have a different preference. However, when it comes to cheerleading, some tasks are simply better suited to one type of product or the other.


Practices are much more flexible than performances and games, so cheerleaders should wear whichever feminine hygiene products work best for them. Remember that you'll want to be comfortable throughout the practice and that includes feeling secure that you won't leak. If your period is heavy, you may even need to wear both.

Performances and Games

Most cheerleading uniforms are still made of the traditional shell and skirt. Unless you have a more modern cheer uniform made up of pants, you'll likely be wearing spankies. It is best to wear a tampon with cheer bloomers to ensure that the bulkiness of a pad doesn't show through during high kicks or jumps. If your period is heavy and you need to wear both a pad and a tampon, try to go with the thinnest pad possible. There are some pads on the market, called thin maxis, that might work well for these occasions.

Stay Cheerful

That time of the month can be rough for many cheerleaders. Not only do you have to act cheerful when you feel out of sorts, but since you spend so much time with the other girls on your squad, several or all may be on the same cycle. This can create frayed tempers and low spirits for everyone. It can be challenging to keep a smile on your face and show a peppy cheerleader spirit when you aren't feeling your best, but remember that your period will pass soon and you can get back to the hard work of being a cheerleader without distractions.

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How to Cheer When You Are on Your Period