How to Find the Perfect Majorette Uniforms

Majorette uniform

Majorettes set the stage and the tone for band performances in stadiums and parades. Find the perfect uniform for any team of majorettes by focusing on form, function, and style.

Where to Shop

There are many online retailers, catalogs, and storefronts selling uniforms geared toward majorettes. Look for a retailer that best meets the budgetary and style guidelines for the team.

Kenerly Kreations, Inc.

Kenerly Kreations, Inc. boasts elegant and custom costuming for majorettes. Available styles range from traditional to ultra-modern.

All orders are custom sewn in Georgia and made to individual measurements. Teams have the options of choosing a named design, submitting an original sketch or using a designer to create a custom look. Named costumes like "The Vada" or "The Trista" come in two child sizes and two adult sizes. The prices for these standard outfits are in the $300-$400 range. Submitting an original design costs $30 for a re-sketch fee on top of the price for the outfit. Designer creations cost an additional $75, and teams are given three custom costumes to pick from. A 50% deposit is required on all orders before production begins. Extra services include:

  • Custom rhinestoning
  • Matching hairpieces
  • Addition of school logos

With dozens of colors to choose from in materials ranging from velvet to lace, any team is sure to find just what they are looking for. The handy measurement guide also helps ensure a perfect fit for each girl.

Show-Off Inc.

Show-Off Inc.

Show-Off Inc. has some spectacular majorette costumes with features like swirls, a flame effect, slashing, draped chiffon, and glitter explosions. Teams can purchase floor samples in sizes child, junior, senior, XL, or XXL. For a more customized look, majorettes can choose the "Design Your Own" option where there is a choice of:

  • Neckline
  • Back style
  • Sleeves
  • Skirting
  • Fabric choices from sequin to lace and lycra

Accessories like headpieces and armbands are also available. The website offers a great measurement guide with pictures to help insure a perfect fit every time. There is also a costume care section with tips on how to keep uniforms looking new for every performance. The company suggests allowing four to five weeks delivery for costumes. With prices ranging from $300 and up, a 50% deposit is due upon ordering.


The Algy Team Collection features a category just for majorettes. Custom orders are available if a team representative calls the company. However, the large selection of styles and cuts are more than enough to fit the needs of most teams. Available styles tend to be on the classic side, but there are some very modern options.

Teams should first choose a style from the categories of bikers/leos, dresses, and solid sequins. Once a style has been selected there is an option to pick colors and sizes, which range from child - adult 5XL. When making these selections, the image on the screen changes to the chosen colors so teams can preview the final product. Costume prices start around $75.

The website also offers:

  • Male costumes
  • Practice outfits
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Flags
  • Equipment
  • Accessories

There is a quick quote option for teams who need to turn in an order for pre-approval from funders.

Bandmans Company

Bandmans Company

With a dedicated category for majorettes, Bandmans Company offers one-piece and separates options. In-stock costume pieces start as low as $14, making them ultra-affordable. The general style is classic and basic with fabrics like mesh and velvet. Outfits come in Youth sizes XS-XL and Adult sizes P-3XL. Custom uniforms are available from an average of $50 to $150, and teams have the choice of colors. The website also sells boots, headwear, gauntlets, and mitts. Bandmans Company is a great option for teams on a tight budget looking for a one-stop costume shop.

Dancewear Solutions

For a dance-inspired look, Dancewear Solutions offers a wide variety of costume options. Starting at under $20, outfits are available in girls, women's, boys, and men's sizes. Featuring basic leotards, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, tights, and accessories there is something for everyone. Teams looking for classic dancewear with limited embellishment will love shopping with Dancewear Solutions.

What To Look For In A Uniform

The purpose of the majorette has moved beyond baton twirling and now includes dance moves, flags, and ribbon twirling in a precision troupe effort. Majorettes serve an important role as interpreters of the music bands are playing. Their job is to draw the eye onto the movement that accompanies the sound of the marching band.

Costumes must have the sense of style combined with ease of movement to draw attention and encourage crowd action. Majorettes are athletes, and their interpretation of the band music can fire up a Friday night crowd. Uniforms must reflect in style and design that the majorettes are part of the band while also showcasing their contribution as entertainers.

Cuts and Styles

Red Tide majorettes
University of Alabama Majorettes

The options are nearly as limitless as the imagination when it comes to styles and cuts in majorette uniforms. Consider body types of team members, specific routines, and tone of band music when choosing uniforms for the team. In general, uniforms come in either a one-piece suit where all elements are attached together or a two-piece option with detached top and bottom.

Tops are available in many cuts. Sleeveless options will give a better range of motion and work well in warm weather settings. Long-sleeve tops can help keep majorettes warm without inhibiting movement. If the routine utilizes large props, such as flags, or stunts a higher neckline can increase comfort levels for holding objects on shoulders. Popular top styles include:

  • Halter
  • Crew-neck
  • Mock turtleneck
  • One-sleeve
  • Illusion neckline
  • Long-sleeve

Bottom styles range from traditional to modern. Skirted options can inhibit leg movements more than leggings or leotards. Styles that cover the legs are more suitable for cold-weather climates and are more comfortable for modest teams. Boy cut and leotard bottoms can make girls more self-conscious and take energy away from showmanship. Uniform bottom cuts include:

  • Skirted
  • Boy cut
  • Leotard
  • Leggings
  • One-leg leggings

Majorettes typically wear basic shoes similar to those worn by dance teams. Calf-high boots with tassels, knee-high boots, or dance shoes in nude, black, or white are a standard part of any majorette uniform. Most stores selling majorette uniforms also sell shoes and accessories like armbands or headpieces.

Materials and Construction

Look for uniforms made of breathable, wicking material similar to athletic uniforms. Uniforms made with double-stitched, costume-grade thread are designed to handle the extreme stresses of dancing and rapid, repetitive movement.

The uniform should either be stretchy enough (using spandex-based blends of fabrics) or loose enough to allow full range of motion. When choosing a tighter fitting uniform, be sure it complements all body types and still allows for movement. If opting for a looser fitting uniform, make sure they are not so loose that they tangle the majorettes limbs or fly up into their faces during routines.

One way to make sure majorette uniforms will be up to the task is by wearing similar cuts and fabrics for rehearsals. If possible, practice in uniforms several times well before any performance so there is time to make changes if needed.

The Perfect Fit

Every marching band and majorette team is one-of-a-kind. When selecting majorette uniforms, look for options as unique as the team.

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