SCISA Cheerleading Camp at Presbyterian College

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Have you ever considered attending the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA) cheerleading camp at Presbyterian College? Each summer girls from all over the state of South Carolina travel to the city of Clinton to learn new stunts, sharpen their cheerleading skills and bond together as a squad.

About SCISA Cheerleading Camp at Presbyterian College

SCISA is made up of independent member schools. Most of the members are located in South Carolina with a handful in Georgia. The organization offers many different opportunities for its member schools, including sports camps. The cheer camp is held each year in June, typically from Monday to Thursday. According to the SCISA website, the cost to register for camp in 2010 was 220 dollars per cheerleader and 195 dollar per coach. This was actually a five dollar reduction in price from the previous year. The fees include lodging, individual and team instruction, meals, a team photo and a special SCISA cheerleading patch. The patch can be added to a pendant or a varsity jacket.

What Happens at Camp

Cheerleaders who attend the SCISA cheerleading camp at Presbyterian College will stay in air conditioned dorm rooms. Cheerleaders will participate in activities to enhance skills like:

  • Jumps
  • Tumbling
  • Dance
  • Stunts
  • Choreography
  • Precision

In addition to the classes and instruction offered for the squads, coaches are trained in their own classes. Some of the topics covered for coaches include:

  • Supervising a cheer squad
  • Stunt techniques
  • Safety training
  • Administrative skill enhancement
  • SCISA Rules Clinic (required)


At the end of camp, cheerleaders will compete for a number of SCISA awards. Although there are many different levels cheerleaders can compete on, a few of the most popular competitions include:

  • All Stars: Cheerleaders compete in groups of four to find out which group has the most well-rounded set of cheerleading skills.
  • President's Award: Throughout the camp, coaches and leaders watch the girls. The girl who seems to stand out from the rest as far as leadership and cheerleading skills is awarded this honor.
  • Jump-Off: The Jump-Off competition allows girls to compete to see which cheerleader has the best jump.

If your school is in the group of schools that gets to attend a SCISA cheerleading camp, you can be sure that you'll return with sharper skills. SCISA cheerleaders are highly competitive and the coaching staff one of the best trained around.

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SCISA Cheerleading Camp at Presbyterian College